Does Poetry Have a Race?

Legendary Rapper Scarface had some pretty harsh statements for the world of hip-hop this morning:


As someone whose English Lit major focused on poets of the Harlem Renaissance, and still fell in love with the words of Blake, and Donne, and Yeats, and Keats, and Adrianne Rich I never really considered that there was a need to separate the races when it came to passionate words, and honest thoughts. While I do agree that writers who come from different backgrounds have different perspectives, I don’t feel that any is better than the other. People who take an interest in words need to understand the perspective of as many cultures as possible, or else they fail to grasp the reasons why certain people write about certain concepts.

While there has definitely been a massive influx of white emcees and poets over the last couple of decades, it doesn’t mean that anyone is taking over a certain genre. People are simply finding their voices, and last time I checked, voices and thoughts do not come with colors.

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