QOTD: What the Hell Do We Do Here?

We’ve been at this whole website thing for a little over a week now, and we’ve amassed over 500 followers. That’s incredible. This little thing that started as a classroom project, has turned into three old college friends who have finally decided that they were ready to give their all to this mess called writing. We want to inspire people to write, to read, to think, and to talk to each other about what they are writing, reading, and thinking. But, how the hell do we do that?

We think our posts have been pretty good, and it seems like enough of you have found something to enjoy on the site so far, but we’re still trying to find our groove, and figure out the exact direction of The Poetry Question.

We truly need your help with today’s question:

What the hell do we do here? What would you like to see on this site?


  1. chaseca

    How about a daily writing prompt, if people were so inclined, perhaps they could email them to you and you could post a few now and then. What about some sort of forum board on which people could post about various topics and see what like minds reply? Personally, my biggest problem as a writer is accountability… Unless I’m working on a writing project for a paying client, I’m likely to slack off. Perhaps a message board of some kind would help people find “accountability partners.” How about posting work from new poets? Links to events related to poetry?

    1. Christopher Margolin

      I like the idea of a message board, and the daily writing prompt. I’ve been working to set up a “Poetry Corner” message board so people could post their work. I just have to find the right format for it. The daily writing prompt is definitely something we could do. Thanks!

  2. Kat Allan

    hopefully what you do here is inspire people to think and to communicate their thoughts to others – perhaps to find the common thread that binds us….

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