QOTD – Come on, Be Honest. What Do You Actually Love About Yourself?

What do you Love

My fiance and I were sitting down at a restaurant the other night, and there was a box of game questions on the table, so naturally, we picked it up, and got ready for a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit; except, it was not Trivial Pursuit, and the questions were anything but trivial. The game was called Table Topics for Kids, and each card posed a fairly heavily weighted question about future selves, morality, world issues, home-life, stereotyping, and feelings about yourself. I’m not sure where they felt the “kids to adults” line should be drawn, but these questions kept both of us deep in conversation.

I have my Creative Writing students read a Stephen Dunn essay called “Truth.” The goal of his essay is to remind everyone that we all bend the truth at times to make it our own, or to make it more exciting to others, or to better fit the situation. As long as we truly care about, or believe in the pieces of the story, and as long as the ending is the same, or the message is the same, it doesn’t always matter what is truth or “truth.” We, as people, have a horrible habit of lying to ourselves about who we are, and how we actually feel about ourselves. We don’t like to face the mirror in an honest way, and find ourselves packing on the metaphoric makeup at times, in order to just face the day. This “game” asked some very direct questions, that when played one-on-one, left us wildly vulnerable.

The question of what I love about myself is, on the surface, very easy. I love my dark sense of humor, my ability to use word play when in serious conversation, my stunning blue eyes (yep, they are stunning), and my rockin’ beard. Traveling beneath the surface is vastly different though, and a much more difficult task – especially if you ask my therapist. It’s not one that we tend to answer very honestly; it’s here, where we tend to separate the truth from the “truth.”

It’s much easier to write about our feelings than it is to speak them aloud, and it’s even easier behind the veil of a blog – though, you can see my picture, and read my daily words, the mass majority of readers here do not know me on a personal level. In absolute truth, I love the fact that I am a good friend, a loving and supportive fiance, that I have drive and passion for words, that I want to be – and have gotten better at being – the best person I can be, and that I have been able to use my parents as my biggest role models and influences.

How about you?

Question of the Day: What do you love most about yourself? Remember to tell the truth, and not the “truth.”

7 thoughts on “QOTD – Come on, Be Honest. What Do You Actually Love About Yourself?

  1. I love that no matter how upset I am I can find something to laugh about, and can bring a smile to sometimes face even in dark times

  2. I love my big, brown eyes and my curly hair. And I have a cute butt. Ha. I love that I’m good at a number of things and it makes me happy that I do four seemingly unrelated jobs very well and can constitute a career from them. And I love that even in dark times, I try to see the beauty in everything.

  3. About myself? I love that with all life has thrown at me, most of which was a direct result of some poor choices made from myself, I have not given up. I find a way to pick myself up and keep going on.

  4. I love my Sense of Humor. I love the fact that I haven’t “grown up” in ways society expects us to. I love the fact that my heart is too big for my body-sometimes that’s not the greatest thing in the world, But at least I care and love. Can’t go wrong with either of those things. I love that I can laugh and be “normal” around others, but deep inside, you’ll never know what’s going on this mind of mine. My life hasn’t been kind….all I can say is, I’m here and have a ton of $h!t to accomplish. My battle scars are a reminder of how far I’ve come. I will never give up.

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