Slow Thursday

It’s been a slow day around TPQ headquarters and The Poetry Question blog.  Way fewer views.  Almost no bites on the prompt or the QOTD.  This got me to wondering what gives…

It’s pretty simple really.

Everyone is busy working today.

Not at work.  Working.

Monday is Monday.  No one works on Monday, right?  I mean, sure we go to to work but it’s mostly to tool around the internet, getting into comment section “debates” on whatever now passes for news or keeping up with the memeses (read that memes-is).

Tuesday?  Well, it’s basically still Monday.  I haven’t hit my grove yet.  Internet it is.

Wednesday is the middle of the week.  Wednesday is a day for deciding if we are on the up-slope or the down-slide, and, instead remain stagnantly doing neither.  Let’s see if the internet can inspire me to get something done.

But, Thursday?  Thursday??!! Already?  Time to buckle down and get some work done because tomorrow is Friday.  And no one really works on a Friday.  It’s almost the weekend.




3 thoughts on “Slow Thursday

  1. Great outlook on the vibes of the week. Thursday is definitely a day to get things done but I also feel a lot of people already consider that day to be the start of the weekend. Most people feel a little thirsty tonight 🙂

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