The Daily Prompt – Thursday, May 9th


  1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)
  2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)
  3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the prizes given
  4. The winner of each daily prompt will be published on the site in “Best of The Daily Prompt” section

“Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was.”

May is Short Story Month, so this might skew toward the fiction writers among us, but the piece doesn’t have to be prose. Build something around this piece of dialogue. Use it any way you want, just include it somewhere.

Tell us a story.


  1. Kenny Norris

    It’s Always That Third Martini

    Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t figure out what it was. It looked like a black lesion that was slowly growing on my arm. I ran to the shower, turned the water on as hot as I could stand, and jumped in. It occurred to me that it was no lesion at all but dried up blood from the night before. Is there a story? Hell yes there’s a story. I just don’t know if I have fully wrapped my head around it yet.
    I had gotten off work around 4:30 because it was Friday and everyone always leaves early. I hadn’t eaten all day and so I decided to hit Disco Tom’s Diner for a sandwich and a beer. This shit was becoming tradition and I was starting to like the popularity of having all of the wait staff know my name.
    It’s just that I’ve never been the kind of guy to stand out in a crowd; I’ve always been the one that everyone suddenly realizes is there. This has never really been a problem until now. Now, as I was becoming a celebrity in this tiny, shithole of a diner I was starting to wonder if there was more for me. Maybe there was something to this confidence thing, although it could just be the beer talking.
    I finished my sandwich and decided I wasn’t ready to call it a night. 39th and Blankmanship seemed like a good place to start. It was the new spot to meet up, drink martinis, and pretend like you had more money than they really did. I guess that is what the weekends are for, am I right?
    After my third or fourth martini, and listening to this lonely guy talk my ear off for an hour unit I couldn’t take it anymore. I hit him square in his jaw as hard as possible. He swerved, tumbled, and finally regained his balance so I hit him again. This time blood sprayed everyone, and by everyone, I mean every yuppie fucking rich girl that was out past their curfew. This did not bode well with the gentlemen accompanying them, which led to myself receiving a few rounds to the face and gut. I decided at that point it was probably time to call it a night and head home
    As I let the scolding shower water wash my bruised and bloodied body I realized that maybe I deserved it. Maybe I deserved this cracked rip and black eye and the slew of distasteful words uttered from every person covered in blood. I guess I deserved all of that, but for once, for the first time, I was the center of attention. I was king for a moment.

  2. Jess

    i like the writers diction, but i really wish i knew what was actually said before the fighting.. i’m an opinionated loud mouth, it’s hard to gain sympathy for wall flowers. if you have to get in a bloody fight to gain confidence, that’s just sad

  3. Kassy Deverell

    I knew something smelt really bad but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I looked around everywhere trying to find the source. When I reached around the couch my eyes and nose finally saw what had happened. To my amazement my dog had managed to crawl all the under the couch by the wall and puke up to what looked like a candy bar, which explains the missing candy bar out of my purse that I had bought for myself on my way home from work. I couldn’t find the source of the smell last night from me being so tired and from being a work today so it has just been sitting over night and all day. It has now hardened into something grotesque rock that wouldn’t budge with any cleaning supplies I threw its way. Damn dog!

  4. Matthew Groves

    “Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was.”
    Once i cleaned off all of the garbage and scrubbed off all the grease and grime it finally revelaed itself to me. What was once a brand new pair of shoes is now a beat up pile of fashoned leather, semi glued to the rubber sole. There had been a rat that had taken residence in the right shoe, but left as soon as i picked up the left one. Although the shoes were beat up and looked ratty, they had a unique look to them i had admired. After cleaning the pair of shoes off, I slipped off my current pair of shoes and strapped on the new pair of shoes. These shoes had faded and worn out black leather, and instead of laces these shoes had three black leather strips with velcro keeping them together. My big toes struck through the holes in the front of the shoes because they were rather small. the soles of the shoes were in alost great condition minus a couple of scratches, once i scrubbed out the filth and grunnge off the shoes. This pair of shoes looked pretty great to me.

  5. Kathryn Tyler

    “Until I cleaned it up,I couldn’t figure out what it was”
    Until I cleaned it up I could barely make out what this small but undefined object was. It had no sharp edges making it no weapon. At least not what I could tell. I put it in my pocket and started walking out of the forest that took resident in my backyard. Making life for all kind of birds and wild life to live in peace. I asked myself if it was something a squirrel might have buried but who knows.I won’t find out until I get home and clean it up.

  6. Megan Askey

    This morning I am waking up to a dog’s face in mine, trying to let me know that they are wanting to go outside. I relcutlany move my lazy butt out of the warm bed that has been there for me for the past 12 hours. I look around on my dirty floor, trying to find my fuzzy slippers to walk around in. I look and look, no where to be seen. I quess now I can just wear my flip flops, not my fuzzy slippers, but they will have to work.

    I walk into the hallway, seeing the light at the end telling me that it’s about 12 o’clock. So I walk all the way out into my front room, looking for my puppies. But all I see is… is a…. well I don’t know what it was. I couldn’t think of what it might have been.There was nothing that could have told me what that thing was in the middle of my floor. I walk to the back door as I realize that my dogs are back there, and I let them out.

    I walk slowly back into the front room, looking around the corner, acting as if it will atack me. I look around, and run into the kitchen to grab that thing with. I grab plastic sacks and napkins, considering that is the only thing that i can think of to grab it with. I put multiple bags together, having napkins on the end where I will hopefully pick up that thing. I walk cautiously over to the thing, and pick up.

    I run out the front door to the garbage can. I quickly throw it away as it needs to be gone. I couldn’t think of what it might have been. Until I cleaned it up, I had no idea what it was. Now, I probably wouldn’t even think of what it might have been, just that it was in my house and that was the last time i ever say that thing.

  7. Keyra Butler

    It was red and orange moving from left to right. Creeping around the edge of the door. I walked inches closer to it, It looked discussing at first, I had to do something with it, until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. I could tell it was something I don’t want to write about. Thinking about the things that object could have done to humans, is terrifying. That’s why we should never touch anything that we don’t know what it may be at first sight.

  8. Vicky Buskuhl

    It was a warm summer night in July. The skies were clear, and the air was nice and cool. I was walking home from a party with my friend, Patrick. We had been friends since fifth grade; ever since he tricked me into trading my pudding cup for his empty Capri Sun that he had blown air into to make it look like it was full.We tried to trick each other everyday of fifth grade after that.

    Now, we were both eighteen; newly fresh adults. We both felt so powerful and so invincible, as if we could accomplish anything. Walking around the neighborhoods at eleven at night seemed so rebellious, considering our parents both wanted us home by ten.

    “Dude, Chad is totally into you” he said to me. “Hah, yeah right! He’s totally out of my league” I replied. “No way man, I kept seeing the way he looked at you! It was almost alittle creepy, to be honest” he said, trying to act cool. “Oh, so you’re jealous?” I said, with a smirk on my face. “Ew, no way! It was jus-” suddenly, he was interrupted by this extremely high pitched shrieking sound.

    It was coming from a woman a street or two away. We started running towards the sound to see what could possibly be going on. We turned left down the street that the shriek came from. We didn’t see anything, except for this big pile of stuff right in the middle of the street. We decided to go check it out.

    As we got closer, it started to smell; something I had never smelt before. It was probably the most disgusting smell that had ever entered my nostrils. “I feel like I’m gonna be sick” I said. We got really close to it, and I couldn’t go any further. Patrick went ahead to scope it out. “I-I can’t tell what it is.” he said. I plugged my nose, sucked it up, and went to go stand next to Patrick.

    This pile of guck was all slimy, and disgusting. It shined in the light from the street lamps, and it looked drippy; like a popsicle just starting to melt. I couldn’t tell what color it was exactly because it was dark, but it looked like a deep reddish-brown. As gross as it was, Patrick decided to stick his hands in it to see if he could find anything. But the thing was so thick, he couldn’t get his hands mor than an inch into it. When he pulled his hand back, red goo was dripping from his fingers. “we better call the police, or someone” he said.

    No one knew what it was until we had cleaned it up. It turned out that there had been a massive murder spree in my neighborhood. This big pile was actually grind up body parts that had been dumped in the middle of the street for someone to find. When the police told us what it was, I hurled. I had a weak stomach as it was, and mixing the news with the smell didn’t help at all.

    Patrick and I ended up staying together for a long time, due to how shocked we were. He ended up staying at my house, because neither of us wanted to be alone. That is a night I will never be able to forget.

  9. austin simas

    until i cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. I contently observed the pile of muck that lay before my feet in the upstairs bathroom. I dare not touch it even though suprisingly it had no distinct smell. Instead, I left it alone as if it would magicly dissapear upon my return. As hours passed and the sun made its descend down passed the horizon, I finally decided to muster up the will to clean whatever mess lay soaking up the bathroom tile. As i made my way up the stairs, A dog apeared, streached its legs then headed for the bathroom. Puzzed I wishpered “who’s damn dog is that.” I countinued to pace my way up and was shocked to see the dog standing over the puddle of gew eating it. As i watch silently, i noteced the dog puking back what he had just consumed and repeating this process. Discusted i yelled “bad dog get out.” Next, i heard a responce from my roommate as he called his dog back to his room. Outraged, i closed the bathroom door and let my roommate promptly know of my discomfort and discust by informing him that he will have the immense pleasure of cleaning after his mutt.

  10. Anna Lopez

    I wasn’t sure what it was. It was fluffy, kind of reminded me of a big pillow that I just wanted to jump into. As I got closer, it didn’t seem so fluffy anymore but more of this hairy and red tangled mess. I went home and the rest of the day I spent pondering, wondering, brainstorming of what could have possibly be that big hairy mess.
    The next day, I went to school. I couldn’t wait until fourth period because that meant I could finally figure what that red mess was. I knew that this was the day that I would find out, the day when that big red hairy mess was going down! That’s it! I can’t take it anymore, I must know. I got up, walked across the room to the big red mess, grabbed the scissors and started cutting away at the red hair. “Oh my gosh! It’s a person!” I cut even faster being careful not to cut the person. Oh, hey Mr. Magolin, it’s just you.

    1. Doran Simmons

      You didn’t really include the sentence verbatim, but I’m totally willing to overlook that. Very well done. Though trimming Margolin’s beard will take more than mere scissors.

  11. Zachary Renfro

    Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. Things became clearer after that though. For one, it was definitely human, that much was obvious. Although, then again, its behavior was so radically different from what I’m used to seeing in a human, that idea became questionable. Sometimes it would be calm, charming in fact. Whatever you placed in front of it, as long as it was bright and colorful, it would be content. However, when that was taken away, it would grow angry. Thriving for that attention again; demanding nourishment, satisfaction from the one closest. The closest being the mother. They seemed to understand it the best, thank God for that.

  12. Emma Bower

    Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. I poked a stick around in the bucket, trying to figure it out. Some of it was gooey and stuck to the stick, the rest of it swirled around in the bucket as I played with the unknown substance. The mixture of what my three year old cousin made looked disgusting. And it didn’t smell good either. Quickly tossing the stick aside, I took an intake of breath as I picked up the bucket to take it out to the trash. I could feel my face heat up quickly as I hurriedly walked to the garbage can. It wasn’t a very long walk from the yard to the garbage cans, but by the time I got close my cheeks were beginning to hurt. Finally getting there, I poured the gunk into the garbage can. A gulp of air soothed my aching lunges as I scurried away from the garbage, the bucket still in hand. With a sick feeling in my stomach, I looked in the bucket to see chunks of goo still sticking to the insides of the dirtied bucket. I felt like gagging. If this is what babysitting a child meant, then count me out next time Aunt Judy, I thought. The thought of having to rinse this bucket out wasn’t that bad. I could just clean it out with the hose. The thought of cleaning up the three year old, however, was not appealing to me in the least. I just imagined the kid running around the house in nothing but his diaper and jeans, a nasty mess all over his little body. Yup, never again Judy.

  13. Cameron

    The stench had been hanging in my brothers room for a week now. It had gotten so bad that nobody in my family ventured inside except when necessary, Kyle only ever entered to retrieve clothing and the occasional personal item, and always with his shirt tucked up over his mouth, forming a ten year old hazmat suit. He had been sleeping on the floor of my room for a week now, and we had both finally decided that enough was enough. It was a Saturday, and our parents had (unwisely) left us alone for a couple hours. Thanks to my sticky fingers we had lifted a pair of dust masks from our dad’s tool bench. We vowed to find the source of the offending stench and bring it to justice, whatever the cost.

    Kyle counted down from five and flung the door open. We worked from opposite sides of the room and met in the middle, within twenty minutes we had managed to completely rearrange the contents of the room, and accomplished nothing. So, bravely, we gave up. After making our escape Kyle slammed the door and we both collapsed against it. I removed my mask “these stinking things are useless” “yeah” he responded “but I’m not staying another night on your floor, we have to keep trying.” So we did, and soon enough I had discovered a whole in his mattress I figured was worth investigating. I stuck two of my skinny eight year old fingers inside and discovered a small, fleshy object. I removed it precariously and not until it was all the way emerged did it occur to me that I was now holding a partially decayed mouse carcass. Instincts kicked in, and I flung it as hard as i could in a random direction, which happened to be directly at my brother. Kyle caught the offending object, sandwiching it between his arm and body. He took one looked down, dropped the mouse and kicked out, flinging it at the window, where it landed with a disgusting splat, finally coming to rest on the window sill. “I didn’t know what it was until I cleaned it up” I offered. Just then the front door opened, my parents had returned, and my brother had just football punted a week old mouse carcass into a window. We both stood stalk still, the only thing we could do now to defend ourselves was cover our ears, so as to mute out our mother’s impending scream.

  14. Selma Kadric

    Friday night, my friends and I threw a huge party. It was crazy. But I did not realize how much of a mess the house was until we all woke up in the morning, some of us were exhausted, and tired. And most of us just wanted to go back to sleep when we layed eyes onto the floor and looked at the surroundings. Looking at the floor I wasn’t sure where to start. So we all had to get up, dragging our legs across the house helping each other out clean the house, picking up all the cans, and trash that was just laying on the ground throughout the whole house, slowly the house was getting cleaner. Untill I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. Was it more like a dump? Or something else?..there was no words to use to describe the place after this party. Slowly, hour and hour, the house was soon cleaned up and now it was looking descent, more better than it had been to start off with. Many of us had a headache, stomach ache, from all the puking and partying from the night before. Since there was a bunch of us, it was easier to clean up the place. Took up at least 4 hours to clean up and get it all over with. Was the cleaning worth it for all of us?.. Sort of was. It was one hell of a party for all of us; I mean, it was worth it. It’s all near the end, we’re all celebrating the last few days and every moment of the night was enjoyed and will be very well remembered.

  15. Kristofer Greenfield

    “Until i cleaned it up, i couldent tell what it was, it was a weird slimy yet hard object that appeared on my bedroom floor. I awoke smelling something horrible and it woke me up. i could recognize what smell was earlier last night but i just thought it was my gym socks after i worked out for 3 hours then went on a hour run but now it got worse. i suddenly heard my parents yelling at me about something then thats where i suddenly realized that the smell carried itself down into the kitchen and the living room and now it the smell was getting so bad it was hard to breathe. i tried approaching it but that just made the attempt to breath twenty times harder: like the smell had invisible hands around my throat and was squeezing relentlessly. i covered my nose and dived for it and just as i got to it my eyes started to burn! i jumped away from the evil stench and i made a second successful attempt and in one swift motion threw it into the shower, squirted soap on it and washed it till i saw what it was. it was a mix of very old socks mixed with soda and gum.”

  16. Gretchen Torrey

    I chose to walk home through the woods because i really didnt want to deal with the obstacles that i always seem to have walking uphill. The sunlight was filtered through the trees as I walked to the place where Jace said he’d meet me. Sure enough, he was standing in the small clearing with the decades old cyprus stump next to the big round rock. “So what was so important that you had me come over?” he asked a bit petulantly as if he wasnt the least bit curious. I know him better than to believe that so I took the small jagged object from my pocket where it was wrapped in a Kleenex. “I found it when i was digging around in my closet this morning”, I told him as i turned the object over and over in my hands. “But I didnt know what it was until I cleaned it up. ” I handed it to him and watched carefully as he gingerly unwrapped it. As his eyes widened in disbelief, he choked out ” you found this in your closet?”
    “yeah, why?”
    He looked up at me with eyes full of shock and something else i couldnt quite identify.
    “Do you know what this is?” he whispered so low that i could barely hear him.
    “No,” I whispered back. His reaction was beginning to disturb me slightly. “Jace, what’s going on? what is it?”

  17. Nora Timmerman

    It’s funny really, until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. It turned out to be a rather old soap bar, although it resembled more of a moldy something. Trying to figure out what it was interesting, to say the least.

    It was midnight. I had gotten up from my seat in front of the computer to use the bathroom. As I washed my hands, I noticed something in the sink. It was a sort of oval-ish, blue-green thing, and overall looked weird. I didn’t want to touch it, but then who would want to touch something that looked moldy. I poked it with sticks, I ran the sink’s faucet over it, and still I couldn’t tell what it was. It wasn’t until I decided to put on gloves and pick it up did I figure out it was soap. I felt really foolish. I must have been so tired to mistake the soap for something else. I decided I needed sleep after that, so I went to bed.

  18. Kendra Virgin

    Until i cleaned it up I couldnt tell what it was. a small green and silver plated box. my new treasure from days long since past. I stared as my reflection as i carefully pulled the lid open. Within the small box stood many simple objects a diary, a locket, some old penicls, and a decayed rose. I lifted the jornal and rubbed my hand across the dusty floral cover. It felt old, but not because of the rotting pages in the back or the mold starting to spread its way across the binding. In my hand were the memories that need to be kept safe and protected. I opened the front page and read “I Anna Corin hereby intend to write this jornal to cataloge my life and my stories”. Filping through the pages i find drawings and trinkets tucked away to be kept safe. Anna had left this for me to find. Whether she knew it or not, her words were my comfort for the days that yet to come and my tie to the past. My dear grandmother left me her story when no one else would tell me.

  19. Brandon Hekel

    Working at Safeway, (which, ironically, was never safe) everyday was a new hazard. Crazed lunatics in the bathrooms, theives stealing cans of soda, and the local streaker stopping by. Today was an average, dull day. My friend Hose and I were casually doing our duty. Stocking the shelves, working the register, etc. etc. He yelled aloud two aisles down, “HEY MANG, GET DOWN HERE FAST!!!” Abruptly, I stopped stocking Lucky Charms and went down to aisle 4. Since we lived in Portland, this specific Safeway was freak-land. Hose already wiped up the mess with his dripping mop said, “Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was.” Chunks were hanging off this dreadful mop, an unhealthy meal, it seemed. Microwavable chicken, a Take 5, the stench of Mountain Dew Code Red… It was puke. The man who left this present ran away and was never found. Hit and run. No cameras caught him, only a horrid pile of DNA was left. Just an average day at the Portland Safeway, God I love my job.

  20. Mekenzie F.

    “Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was.” I glanced back over at the lump of metallic pieces, scrap mettle and an assortment of grime.

    “Really? So you just found this pile of garbage and picked it up? No thought just up and go?”
    I nodded, trying not to let the lights blind me, or the faces of the audience distract me. I was never one for television, and being on a live show? Terrifying. I suppose it was necessary, even if I felt my skin crawl whenever their cameras quickly zoomed in on my face. What I had found should be told to the world, I guess.

    “So, after you found it, what did you do with it?” asked the man sitting across from me in his done up hair, freshly pressed suite and plastic face. His voice grated against my ears, too perfect and polished. A deep breath, force out a response.

    “Well, Tim, I took it to my garage and cleaned it up a bit, as I said earlier.”

    The interview continued and I left without the thing I had found, the only thing in my rugged pocket was a crisp check.

  21. Bryan Pajari

    “Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was.” Said Mr. McFigger The student stared at him bluntly and said “sir I don’t know what the heck you are talking about, what is this your stupid prompt?” “No young man this is my heart, I was digging in to my past and realized my heart was dirty, all I was doing after teaching you kids was…” Mr. McFigger stopped in mid sentence and decided to change directions in his speech and added, “my heart is more lean, I make better choices after school hours, because I realized I had daddy issues.” Mr. Mcfigger was directed to lunch, because the bell rang. As he walked down the hall he looked at each kid and heard there conversations, but so he didn’t judge them he shifted his train of thought to the door that lead him to the…

  22. Nathan Whitehead

    It’s another stormy night in the suburbia of Vancouver. It’s my tenth year working for the Clark County Detective center, and I’ve seen some gruesome things during my career. However, this night, in this barren intersection with nothing in any direction but lights, I’ve found what I believe to be the most gruesome thing anyone anywhere could ever see.
    What lies before me was what I believed to be a pile of mutilated bodies covered by a simple blue tarp we see people use to cover their boats over the cold winter months. It took some time, but I finally pulled the tarp away from the pile, and until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. I didn’t know it, but I had just cleaned up a pile of trash covered in red sauce. A cruel joke, I could be out catching the Happy Face killer, I don’t like wasting my time when I have little of it. It’s because of shit like this I missed my daughters first word, it’s also because of this I didn’t get to hear her last. I can never, ever, look at a Pizza Hut logo again.

    -By Nathan Whitehead

  23. Maejay

    I sat in the back of history class, watching every second slowly tick by as I waited for the bell to ring. I was going to beat some ass, and my adrenalin was very high. As the bell sounded I bolted out the door, shoving past people, and cursing under my breath. I stalked down the hall, planning out my devil’s misssion. I freaking hate highschool girls and their stupid immaturity, it doesn’t matter how mad you are, you do NOT throw up in someones car! The thought made my blood boil and i searched the crownd for Annabell. I nearly slammed into Thomas, my nieghbor who is almsot 6 foot, and is miss-pukes-in-my-cars boyfriend. “Get the hell out of my way” I say harshly. He grabs my arm and pulls me around to face him “Hold up sugar, why you so heated?” I stare at him for a few momens and mock his hick voie best I can “I so heated because your girlfriend deicided to hurl in my car! Even worse, she leaned in and did it threw the freaking window!” He looks quite amused at my statement, and i can tell he is fighting a laugh. ” I really don’t see how that’s funny Thomas, it’s nasty!” I exclaim. “You shouldn’t have taken her cellphone then, you know she is all about revenge.” He tells me. This is something I know, nut still it’s no excuse. “You should tell your bulmic girlfriend not to purge in my car. It’s revolting, i mean it was in my backseat for like two days before I smelled it. I didn’t even know what it was until i cleaned it up.” He barely seemed like he was listening, I noticed him staring past me and I turned around to see Annabell making her way towards us with a smirk.

  24. Sean-Michael

    until i cleaned it up I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I stood lump in throat, fear in heart, fist in hand. awaiting the figure that put the face on is not they, nor them, but I, that shall wreck this worry and fall prideful in a way I am not aware…while it is clear as to who soiled this heavy heart, be assured, once she washes it clean, assures its abilities and sets it free again, it will forever love and be loved. And you sir, will have been defeated.

  25. Ryan Hanser

    I reached down into the small black hole. It glinted at me in the fading light of the sun, I mean I think it glinted I saw it glint. Or did it reflect, maybe it reflected, whatever it did it caught my attention and like all white people once my interest is piqued I must investigate. It’s a wonder that more of us aren’t killed for telling parents not to hit their children. Despite my reservations about being a nosy white guy, here I cam and looked at the glinting, at this point I find myselft comfortable calling it glinting, piece of something. I reached into the hole and pulled it out. Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. Even after it was clean it still took a moment to register, this tiny round bauble. I examined it more closely squinting through the encroaching dusk as the shadows from the trees crept nearer to the hole I had rescued the charm from. Cleaned and now in full splendor I awed over the small coin as I turned it over and over between my fingers. I felt its ridges and examined the unfamiliar face that looked off into some far off distance I could not yet see for myself. This will be a good day I thought as I tucked the 25 cent piece into my pocket and continued to dig the hole. No sense in wasting any more time, this girls not going to bury herself.

    1. Ryan Hanser

      I COULDN’T LIVE WITH THE UNEDITED VERSION. Sorry for the double post.

      I reached down into the small black hole. I had seen it from nearly ten feet away as It glinted at me in the sharpening light of the sun, I mean I think it glinted I’m pretty sure I saw a glint. Or did it reflect, maybe it reflected, whatever it did it caught my attention and like all white people once my interest is piqued I must investigate. It’s a wonder that more of us aren’t murdered by furious parents and boyfriends when we tell them our views on domestic violence and child abuse. Despite my reservations about being a nosy white guy, here I am digging into the soft dew soaked mud after some piece of shiny metal that glinted at me. At this point I find myself comfortable calling it glinting. I reached into the hole and pulled it out. Until I cleaned it up, I couldn’t tell what it was. Even after it was clean it still took a moment to register, what this tiny round bauble could be. I examined it more closely squinting through the fading dark as the shadows from the trees crept further from where I had rescued the charm. Cleaned and now in full splendor I awed over the small coin as I turned it over and over, rolling it between my fingers. I felt its ridges and examined the unfamiliar face that looked off into some far away distance I could not yet see myself. This will be a good day I thought as I tucked the mysterious old coin into my pocket and continued with digging my hole. No sense in wasting any more time, this girls not going to bury herself.

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