Wait, This Girl Can Publish a Novel, and I’m Too Lazy to Submit Mine?

I was surfing around on this Internet thing, and I came across this gem of a tweet from a couple of years ago. Lauren Conrad – who I refuse to look up – I believe was on The Hills, and whatever other fake reality shows that MTV throws on the air. I don’t know, maybe she was a founding member of 16 and Pregnant. Honestly, I’m not sure, and I really don’t care; however, I do know two things, her computer was probably trying to tell her something, and someone gave this dumb girl a publishing deal? She was on reality TV, so that puts her in the same realm of “star” as Snooki (also has a book), or that new Farah chick from the other I Got Pregnant Way Too Early, and Now I’m Making Money Whoring Out My Child show, who just put out a sex tape. Hell, I’m sure she’ll have a book out too.

In a world where revenue runs rampant among reality stars, and corporate America no longer cares – did they ever? – about the literacy of the youth, it is obvious that I need to get off my lazy tuckus, and finish up the novel I started six years ago. If she can get something published, I know that I can. If I ever needed inspiration, this is simply one of the wake up calls I’ve received along the way.

And really, does anyone think that she actually knows how to turn on a computer? Was it the computer that froze, or did someone paste a picture of words on her screen?

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