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Best of the Daily Prompt – May 10th

Best of The Daily Prompt – Friday, May 10th

Jenn Crowder


Even the knock on the door sounded seductive, but she knew what he had done, and she wrapped the towel just a little tighter around her body. She wasn’t sure if she should answer it. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted. All she knew was that if she opened the door, there was only one way this would end.

He left not a half an hour ago, after a long and drawn out verbal fight over the pile of dishes in the sink. Assumptions. She had been home a blink of an eye before him, which meant that she would have prioritized his breakfast dishes over showering after a long and dusty day on the construction site, naturally. She was covered in dust; cement flaked off of her skin and her nails were no longer visible under the cakey residue of a 12-hour shift that started before the sun was up. So no, she didn’t do the dishes. This was another judo mouth-to-mouth match that ended in a slammed door and his best magic trick—the disappearing man.

Lately he would return a bourbon-breathed, apologetic mess. “I love you, baby. I’m sorry.” So the knock on the door meant that she would be greeted with the remnants of an oak-aged barrel and the sour eyes of a downtrodden man who once meant it when he said he loved her. Tired and knowing that she deserves more, she sighs a heavy, “just a minute”. She dresses, opens the door and in the final round regains her confidence. She stands poised and in a quiet assertiveness tells him what he has been afraid to hear for so long. “Goodbye”.

About Christopher Margolin

Chris Margolin spent more than a decade in Education as a high school English teacher, and is now an Instructional Coach for the Longview School District. He is also the founder of The Poetry Question, an online journal which focuses on reviews of small press poetry publications, and runs a regular series called "The Power of Poetry," where notable poets share their personal stories of how poetry has affected their lives. Margolin resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, and daughter.

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