QOTD – Do We Still Judge a Book by its Cover?

We judge every book – metaphorical or not – by it’s cover. It’s what we grew up doing. Whether or not we want to admit it, or even recognize that we do it, we do it. But in a world where we have moved to digital books, and self-publishing, and where small bookstores are becoming a thing of the past, we rarely even see the cover of a book in order to judge it. In today’s world, I think we judge books more on their titles than their covers.

Question of the Day:

Do we still judge books based on their covers, or do we even look at the covers anymore?

2 thoughts on “QOTD – Do We Still Judge a Book by its Cover?

  1. I think the majority of people don’t bother looking at the covers anymore. If they did, they’d see their true value, and choose not to throw them out of their life. And the few that still look at the covers simply choose not to look into it deeper than they do. They think it’s a waste of time. When actually they’re preventing possibly a wonderful opportunity into their life. It’s sad.

  2. I have to admit that the cover often draws me in to look more closely at a book – and of course with children’s picture books a good cover is imperative

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