QOTD – Grammar Police Brutality?

Recently, your trusty servants here at the Poetry Question commissioned an elite team of investigators to track down and report abusers of grammar. The Grammar Police, as we are calling it, is not the most original title. But it is fitting. We intend to literally police grammar.

Look, we all know how irritating it is to be corrected. That guy who constantly derails conversations by insisting that it should be ‘whom’ or that the correct usage is ‘Henry and I’, is the worst. I’m assuming that when you read that last sentence everything in quotes came across in your head in a very annoying voice. Because that IS annoying. Sometimes, in everyday speech we throw off phrases or words that would never be acceptable written on the page. But if it sounds good, we let it go.

Well times are changing. We live in a world where anyone with a Twitter account can publish their conversations instantly. Suddenly, that little error everyone let you get away with in conversation is out there in the world, drawing attention to itself and making you look like an idiot.

When we called out Warren G on his bad grammar on Twitter, his response was something along the lines of, “Everybody gets it, it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect.” Or something like that. Imagine that, but with worse grammar.

Is he right? Is this now the world of first drafts, where we all rely on the audience to decipher our scribbles and do our work for us?

Is it important to hold people accountable for their words? Or is it just obnoxious? The Grammar Police think it’s important. But they’re very dedicated to their jobs.

See that Grammar Police? Two forms of ‘there’ used correctly in one sentence.

Can I come out now?


5 thoughts on “QOTD – Grammar Police Brutality?

  1. I used to carry business cards with me that I would hand out when someone “corrected” grammar. They said “I’m a Grammar Nazi! Ask me how you can become one too!”. They had a web address on them as well. Ihavetoomuchtimeonmyhands.com I thought they were funny as heck, other people not so much.

    In today’s world, where “text speak” has become normal and proper English is being shunned, I think people will see it as obnoxious, rather than important. (As you can see, I over abuse comma’s. Maybe my English classes shouldn’t have been used for nap time…. ) 😀

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