TheDaily Prompt- May 14th


  1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)
  2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)
  3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the prizes given
  4. The winner of each daily prompt will be published on the site in “Best of The Daily Prompt” section

The Daily Prompt:

Begin with the prompt line: “I wanna know…”


  1. Mary Fletcher

    I wanna know how to tell what I see.
    It haunts my brain. I ask, “Why me?”
    What I hear is just the same.
    That can’t be right.
    They know my name!
    Now my kitty cat is here.
    Does she know she’s been dead a year?

  2. Kathryn Tyler

    I wanna know what is going inside my emotions
    What causes the fear to be shown upon my face.
    The scent that a hungry wolf follows to its prey.
    I wanna know what it means to fear the living.
    But to watch the dead rise again.

  3. Cameron

    I wanna know what this “Poetry Question” of yours is.
    Poetry isn’t the question, poetry is the answer.
    The question is everything else.

  4. Megan Askey

    I wanna know,
    what else is there.
    The world is a scary place,
    a place without you now.
    I walk up to the grave,
    my tears streaming down my face.
    The more I look for your face behind that stone,
    the more I feel as if it’s my responsibility to be there with you.

  5. Matthew Groves

    I wanna know
    what it’s like
    to breath new life,
    to live each day
    like its my very last.
    To capture every moment
    and have it define who i am.
    I want to know
    how to love
    with a heart that is pure.
    Like a water fall,
    bringing forth new life,
    and new love.

  6. Vicky Buskuhl

    I wanna know what you think about at night; the thoughts that cross your mind right before you drift off into your own world of slumber. I wanna know why you did the things you did, and why you continue to do the things you do. Do you look back and regret everything we had? Or do you regret giving up on me?
    I wanna know if you’ve forgotten about the good times we had; the nights where we just star gazed, or the times we tried watching movies together, but always got distracted by the feeling of our lips colliding. Do you remember staring at each other for minutes on end, just studying each other? Or spending the hard nights together, trying to help each other get through the obstacles of life? I’m sure you’ve probably forgotten, because I was only something that you used to pass the time.

  7. Zachary Renfro

    I wanna know….. That’s something I can answer with a thousand different responses. But does any of that really matter? What’s important to me I’ll find out on my own, later in life, and what’s not, well I can clearly do without it.

  8. Anna Lopez

    I wanna know how you can just turn on someone just with a snap of you fingers. You have a daughter and you just broke her heart all because you couldn’t be a nice person. You never think about anyone but yourself. Please just grow up!

    You can only give someone so many chances until you give up on them for good. Really, what’s the point of making your whole family miserable just so you can be happy is it really worth it?

  9. Hector Lopez

    I wanna know why the moon has so many craters. My childhood fantasies led me to think moon men dug holes on the moon, looking for buried treasure, even though astronomers on Nova told me the craters were caused by meteor impacts. How could i believe space rocks battered the moon when there weren’t baseball bats big enough to hit them? The adolescent mind thinks so differently. We looked at the glass half full, and we still should. Our life story should still be a curious George book. Curiosity is what separates us from the natural way of thinking. I’m still a kid. And i still wanna know why the moon has so many craters.

  10. Kassy Deverell

    I wanna know why does life happen the way it does?
    Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are some people born into a great fulfilling family and others have to work to make it there? why is there a rich and a poor?

  11. Gretchen Torrey

    I wanna know so many things. Like why when we’re little, fairytales are reality and then when we’re older, we lose faith in happily- ever- after so easily. I wanna know why we say that things “are complicated” when we just don’t want to talk about something. It’s not complicated at all. And I wanna know why we don’t just say the things we mean even though we may be scared to death to say it in plain english but we’re fine with cloaking it in metaphors. I wanna know why we’re all so scared to speak out for what we believe in, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

  12. Kristofer Greenfield

    i wanna know whats truly going inside my head, not what i can see in my head but whats actually inside beneath the surface. i wonder what my true thoughts are about certain things. i wanna know if i will ever find out?

  13. Genevieve Cammer

    I wanna experience life as much as I can. I don’t wanna wait until I don’t have much time left in my life to realize that life is out there so you can live it. When I think of yolo I don’t think of partying and not caring. I think it’s just another way to say Carpe Diem, sieze the day. I wanna take risks and go places and see sadness and happiness and find this thing called life.

  14. Selma Kadric

    I wanna know what its like to fall inlove…what it’s like to have someone who will be there for you and love you till the day that you die. I wanna know what it’s like to become a mother, the excitement of having your own family and being so happy with everything that you have. Most of all, I wanna know what my life will turn out like. Whether I’m gonna be taking the right path or not. Will I be happy with myself?..When and who will I marry? I also would like to know..why do bad things happen when you only mean the best for others…? But at the end, we all give the same answer to each and every one of our questions: Everything happens for a reason.

  15. Andrew White

    I wanna know whats the perfect life. What is it? Whats it take to get there? What does one have to do to be apart of that place. I see tweets, comments, statuses, “my lifes perfect” but whats that even mean? Doesn’t perfect mean; accurate, exact, or correct in every detail. Because i can tell you without even asking that your status of your perfect life lasted in that moment. We all go through struggles and as hard as you try to dodge them, they hit you anyway. So your perfect life lasted another 30 mins, the rest of the day, or until your next mistake, struggle, or obstacle came your way. A perfect life to me, that i dream of has no mistakes, worries, tears, stress, frowns, struggles, or obstacles. But i wanna know.. What does it take to get there.. How can i get my life to be perfect, to be correct in ever detail iv imagined..

  16. Makayla Micheal

    I wanna know what happens after I’m gone.
    Do I resume on living in another body or do I majestically float up to a paradise?
    Or by some awful chance to I feel the pang of fire nip at my toes?
    Do my loved ones remember me for a few months and then my image fades as many times before?
    When they think of me do they get that little pang as if I was a long lost memory?
    Do they remember me for what I was or what I am now?
    But in all honesty I don’t want to know.

    I don’t think I’d like the answer.

  17. Veda Newton

    I wanna know why you hide behind a cloud of smoke. I wanna know why you cover yourself in a layer of mystery, and never let anyone cut through. I wanna know why you fill yourself with substances instead of relationships. I wanna know why you are so scared of being loved and loving; why is it you think it is a weakness? I want to know why you’re so closed off to anyone who tries to pry into your mind. No one has ever been there before, and you make such a point of keeping it that way. I wanna know why you choose to shelter yourself from really living how life how it was meant to be lived. Your mystery comes off as intriguing, but really it is a by product of your misery.

  18. Bryan Pajari

    I want to know why death comes to everyone eventually, I want to know, if I die that I will go some where. Eventually time will past by, the death bells will be ringing in my ear, and soon or later I am going to have to face, the question, “Where will I go when I die.” I like to believe, that my spirit goes up with God, until he defeats the evil one, and then are souls go back to are bodies and we are in haven. What you believe is fine with me; we will all go somewhere eventually. One of us is right, so do your research, and have faith in the right thing. That right thing is where ever your heart is.

  19. Caesar Delaney

    I wanna know what life is after death. What is hell and heaven? I wanna know why people think its okay to hurt others. I wanna know why she really left, why we couldn’t make it work. I wanna know how my life would be with my dad fully in it instead of part time. I wanna know if struggle is for life or just something you go through throughout a certain period. I wanna know why them and not us. I wanna know who I am. I wanna know you.

  20. Brandon Hekel

    I wanna know why the sky’s black at night. Why it’s blue in the day, does it reflect our mood? And why do stars fall? Like dreams, stars manouver out of gravity. What’s the purpose of seeing paradise if you fall back to earth? Questions are left unanswered, just like our fate.

  21. Emma Bower

    I wanna know, why it is so hard for people to stand up for their beliefs. It should be easy, right? Shouldn’t being yourself imply that we stand up for what we believe? Or is that just me? Is it because people are so easy to judge that sometimes we just keep to ourselves? It’s time to stop caring what others think; have a little more faith and actually believe in ourselves.

  22. Tera Miller

    I wanna know what happened to them? He was the handsome fireman coming in to pay a bill at the clinic where she worked. She was the ony one who knew how to work the credit card machine and she blushed when their fingers met as he handed her the shiny plastic.
    There would be more moments like that, until he finally asked her on a date to the high school football game. It was biting cold. They huddled together on the bleachers, grazing fingers once again until they laced together in a heap.
    He brushed a tear off her face as he knelt to propose near a waterfall that December afternoon. He slid the ring across her finger and pledged his love always.
    They were quite inseparable as the years came and went, children were born and life moved quickly. He used to marvel at the way her hair lit up under the sun in the late afternoons. She used to sneak a glance out the window while he worked in the yard, shirtless and sweaty. He’d flash a smile and she would duck behind the curtains and giggle.
    Now as they sat across from me in the courtroom with papers scattered across each desk like ashes, I wondered. How were they reduced to this?

  23. J. Gabriel Allan

    GREAT responses! This was definitely a tough one to choose the best from… there are least 5 that I could’ve picked.

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