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The Daily Prompt: May 15th


  1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)
  2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)
  3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the prizes given
  4. The winner of each daily prompt will be published on the site in “Best of The Daily Prompt” section

The Prompt: Stream of Consciousness

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write whatever comes into your head. Don’t think about it, or stare at the page. Just make sure your hands are writing for 5 minutes.

About Doran Simmons

I'm a writer and a camper and a keeper of fish. I was trained as a flight instructor and work day jobs and write nonsense for public consumption (hopefully).

12 comments on “The Daily Prompt: May 15th

  1. The Running Son
    May 15, 2013

    here is mine in 2 parts. the first raw, the second cleaned for rhyme and punch.uation. ;).
    thanks! Jim Aldrich

    stream of consciousness. i counsciously stream all the time anyways. wahts writing about it it going to mean be any different or take me places i havene been to or blogs i havene seen or streams i havent walked in or touched the parts that make it meaningful. but wheres the irony dammit. theres ryme, but the timing is off. you are mining softly, now work it. out. please, this is no time for quitting on some punch
    lunch timime and bad timinging to stop
    talk a lot about streams DING

    stream of consciousness.
    i counsciously stream
    all the time anyways. whats writing
    about it it going to mean?
    be any different, or take me
    places i havent been to,
    or blogs i havent seen,
    or streams
    i havent walked in, or touched
    the parts that make it meaningful.
    but wheres the irony dammit.
    theres rhyme
    but the timing
    is off. you are mining softly.
    now work it. out. please, this is no time
    for quitting on some punch

    , lunch-time and bad timinging to stop

    , talk a lot about streams DING

  2. betiyo
    May 15, 2013

    I tried it.

    Thoughts of nothing make for everything.
    Starts with a little to persistent sharp pangs.
    Eager to share a word, a sentence, a verse, then everything.
    Depends on the weather
    For emotions
    Like seasons who change.
    Personality, great,
    I cannot complain too much,
    At least,
    Then the cell phone rings.
    Picking it up at 3 vibrations,
    Losing train of thought
    Losing the expressions of everything.
    Speaking in to a void
    Listening to another do the same
    Language is just noise, I think in my head.
    I swear, sometimes I don’t want to say anything.

    • Doran Simmons
      May 16, 2013

      Great work, keep it up.

  3. Kathryn Tyler
    May 15, 2013

    What is going through my head Right now. The fact that I can not type to save my own life at the current moment in time and that I just want to go back in to my very warm bed were my dog rest her head on my pillow and I rest my head on her soft silk fur. Listening to her breathing. Dear god thinking about makes me tired.
    Thinking about what else is running through the smoke and clouded mind of mine, I think of watching more of my netflix show; but, instead I am stuck writing this non sense piece of gibber jabber in this form for my teacher to mock and pick on people by.

  4. Emma Bower
    May 15, 2013

    My umbrella was now useless to me as it sit opened in my hand; my arms limp at my side. The train is leaving, and we’re not getting on it. My corset feels tighter than usual because of the sobs that I am trying to control. At least the rain hid my tears. Mama would be mortified when she saw me come home like this. My dress soaked, curls flattened and drenched, make-up smearing. I didn’t care though. All I cared about was trying to stop my heart from ripping in half. I guess our leaving together was the last thing on your mind. I guess I meant nothing to you, when you meant the world to me. An older man with a whistle called out to me from under the cover of the train station platform. He only yelled out to me a couple of times before finally giving up. He walked back inside, mumbling something under his breath and shutting the door behind him. I guess he didn’t care that much either.

    • Doran Simmons
      May 16, 2013

      Thanks for the reply! Great read.

  5. Keyra Butler
    May 15, 2013

    Anger and betrayal is all I can feel inside. It’s all I can think about. How can one speak to someone with so much hate, the one you gave birth to, the one you raised, the one that was your pride and joy. But now you look at her like she was a mistake. It’s disgusting, and I feel pity for you and your hate. You are an adult, that gives you no right to talk to a child that way. This is what I think about, whenever awake or asleep, mad or sad, it runs through my head like a moving train with no destination.

  6. Matthew Groves
    May 15, 2013

    seasons in the fall
    make me feel in the moment
    capture a glimpse of what is to come
    make it my own.
    got to find out whats going on
    in my mind.
    everything’s rushing like a blur.
    Its like nothing i have felt before,
    i cant really describe it.
    What exactly am i writing?
    just useless lines slammed together,
    to make a poem in five minutes or less.
    just have to keep typing, typing, typing.
    God that noise really annoys me!
    That shrill voice of the printer.
    Why does it aggravate me so much?
    I need to keep focus,
    but on what though?
    Ever small, unimportant thought in my head.
    its senseless dribble.

  7. The Running Son
    May 15, 2013

    (in a) stream
    of consciousness
    in just 3 minutes
    lets see. sea-sad things,
    i sing about in my writing
    while blogging i type lite fighting
    everything. like the light-wings i have
    when i can see. see you. listened too.
    2 everything you said. get it.
    been it
    said it and i never forget
    the time flying
    3 minutes to up a universe–
    a vortex, out every single litttle part of my green
    pasture consciousness streaming.
    no ding? ok then i”ll just pong up. pop out and…

    out. leaving…)

  8. Cameron
    May 15, 2013

    Its been six days since I last ran, and although my body is rested, my mind has become exhausted. I have always thought best with a slight runner’s high, so my coaches strict mandate to take a weak off doesn’t sit well with me, or my writing. It smells of weakness. Six days without that release has turned my consciousness into less of a stream and more of a pond sitting in the summer heat: murky, disgusting, and infested with mosquitoes. I’ve never been hooked on drugs, but its occurring to me now that I’m hooked on running, and I’m suffering withdrawals.

  9. Stephanie Baijot
    May 15, 2013

    Feels like I’m standing at a bridge trying to keep from running back across it. Maybe sometimes it’s a good thing to burn a few bridges. I can’t seem to find my way right now. Maybe there are too many bridges. I can light the match but can I actually burn the bridge? Do I really know what is best for me? Do I really know what my future self is going to want and if she is going to need that bridge? I hate the what ifs. I wish for once in my life I actually had a clear mind about what I want and had the courage to go for it. I am most definitely mty own most harsh critic. How can one person be so happy go lucky and so cynical and self depreciating?

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