Best of The Daily Prompt – Thursday, May 16th

Best of The Daily Prompt – May 16th
Veda Newton
“The Ugliest Person I Know”

He is the empire state building, towering so high into the air his lungs must ache every time he sucks in a breathe because of how low the oxygen level is near his hollow brain. His arms, bigger than my entire torso, ripple with unnatural waves of steroid fed muscle. The hair all over his skin is thicker than Sasquatch’s pubes, but as yellow as big birds feathers you could almost mistake the hairs for stringy snot wrapped around his beefy mess of a body. His skin is so clear I can see the sunlight pass through, making his veins bulge to the surface and swell with blood I’m sure tastes like sweat. He has a stomach larger than my morbidly obese pregnant neighbor, it flows out from his shirt like a slutty 2000′s Brittany Spears; but not nearly as flat and smooth. His layers of fat fold like cottage cheese. His eyes are the color of bloody shit in the bottom of a toilet that has gone so long without tending black mold surrounds the bowl. The “manly” neck flows into his head as if they were meant to always be equal in size, it bulges with lumps that resemble puss filled boils. I can imagine poking one ever so softly with the sharpest needle in my mothers sewing kit, and watching bubbling puss ooze from his neck, like a whitehead that has awaited popping for 7 days. His head is in the shape of a box, with a buzz cut so short you can see the patches where his hair has been pulled out. The strings from his scalp are so white he should be 73 or albino. He holds himself high, looks down from his tower upon the littler people in disgust. His weightlifting fills him up with false confidence, only enhancing how empty his skull is. The voice in this monster is a deep mess, like a roaring machine with no density behind the topics he speaks of. Always commenting on the girls image and the final score. His voice holds that ting of stupidity, like Ed Edd and Eddy. He smells like a football field, sweat and blood, mucus filled spit, dipping tobacco, and my dogs anus. He walks through the hallways, stomping his gorilla feet and booming out mating calls of shitty pick up lines that reveal the dominance and sexism held in his tiny heart. He is the epitome of a brainless jock, a rectal gland, a day spent hungover. But I mean, everyone is beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Best of The Daily Prompt – Thursday, May 16th

  1. Well put veda, I especially loved “He smells like a football field, sweat and blood, mucus filled spit, dipping tobacco, and my dogs anus.” Keep it up.

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