The Daily Prompt – May 29


1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)

2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)

3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the ‘Best Of’ section.

The Prompt:

Take a good look around the room. Focus on one specific item. Give it a really good look. Title your piece the name of the object. Now write a 10 line poem about that item, but do not mention the item itself in your poem. 


  1. Matthew Groves

    Mountain Dew Bottle

    I see you staring at me across the room.
    Looking at me as I’m looking at you.
    Elegant within yourself.
    I don’t deserve you.
    How should I begin to describe you?
    With a sunshine that withstands any storm.
    And when it rains, You make it all better.
    Leaving me to forget about my problems in life.
    What makes you so special?
    I’ll always have you to be with me.

  2. Keyra Butler

    Coca-Cola Can

    Cylinder body
    Purple clothes snug tight
    Sweat dripping, my thirst parched
    It mocks me with the picture of a cherry dead smack.
    “150 calories”
    150 calories I could be jogging off
    150 calories that could be burn within five minutes
    150 calories that could determine my future
    You taste oh so good but yet terribly bad for my body

  3. Mekenzie Frasier

    Computer Screen

    Vibrant colors will flash before you.
    Every light enticing your senses
    You never know what you might find behind the next click
    But you know exactly what it’ll do to you.
    Distract and beckon you away from reality
    With it’s cold mechanical heart.
    You know what you need to do
    You need to finish your work, or at least get started.
    They’ll shake their heads and wave their fingers at you.
    Just five more minutes, I need to keep surfing.

  4. Gretchen Torrey

    I’m waiting for you to walk past with that beautiful smile on your face.
    Maybe this time I will be able to see you through the object I’m writing about that is open often as of late;
    specifically the one on the right side of the room according to where I’m seated.
    It seems as though whenever you pass by, the object I’m writing about is never open
    so I miss the smile that makes the sun return and the clouds dissappear.
    So maybe I’ll be lucky and you will walk by the object I’m wrtiting about.

  5. Brandon Hekel

    John Forbes:
    Muscles with a hairdoo to match,
    Any woman should be honored to get with him, he’s quite the catch
    Shirt green as grass, eyes blue as the rainbow-filled skies
    Just witnessing his elegance and I get a rise
    Short and scraggly beard-hairs tease the skin,
    I enjoy it so much it should be a sin
    A watchful-eagles’ nose, perched up on his smooth, seductive face
    Ears the size of a badger,
    If you speak, keep it down to a whisper
    Tasty a potato chip, but crisper

  6. Kristofer Greenfield

    Fire Alarm
    rectangular in shape with a curve at the end
    you have lifesaving lights to help the deaf and the noise for the blind
    you have saved countless lives but get no reward
    You alert professionals to handle the daunting task at hand
    sadly sometimes no one gets out in time
    sometimes your faulty and dont warn when your supposed to
    maybe that is the reason why you get no reward
    you save lives and for that im grateful
    because without you i might not be here
    you train kids the right thing to do
    You are the mounted still hero

  7. Only See Your Good Side

    hankered in the corner one
    scrumpled sheet, words half
    in shadow where the folds
    try to hide what’s been inked

    glimpsed like this
    they recall that moment
    etching in pen the present
    trying to guess the end

    thoughts are permanent
    on weighty thin pages

  8. Jenn

    Packing Tape

    Your transparency is haunting
    You hide away life in geometric cardboard shapes
    As if nothing is meant to be admired, seen, or remembered
    While life continues on and the world is unfazed
    My pillow case sticks to my face like you to scissors
    Scared, alone, like a misplaced sock
    Your sound is recognizable
    Soft whimpers from the couch as reality comes into view
    Your presence means only one thing–
    Nothing will be the same again.

  9. Bryan Pajari

    iphone 5

    I retrieve my new reality,
    I am in social society,
    what happen to the days
    where I could just smile,
    where did my personality go,
    why do I say out loud “LOL”
    instead of actually laughing,
    I feel as if the forest has
    formed a tumor in my brain,
    I can’t write you wicked watcher.

  10. Genevieve Cammer


    A flower with five petals
    Shock white and made of metal
    Whirring and spinning
    Humming and spiraling
    Inside a jail cell with thin bars

    A plastic tail with metal tips
    To a hole in the wall they grip
    Air thrust out from spinning petals
    Until the cold in the room settles
    Relieving heat that once was ours

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