The Best Of The Daily Prompt: May 28th

“Life Preserver”

By Jessica Helmke

In bed, he has a body pillow to the right and I am his body pillow to the left. I move sometimes, an inch from the edge, where he finds me and consumes me completely. It’s like treading water. I sacrifice my back for his. I wake him when I have to stretch the stressed vertebrae. I roll to fetal on my left and he follows me with his warmth that like a furnace, catches my feet reaching for the cool of the topside bed sheets. He goes fetal to his right and I follow but only touch him slightly so that we both know we still exist. Yet there are times that I will consume him completely, when I am most needy, most vulnerable. It always gets too hot for me to stay. I move, he follows… the cycle begins again.
In bed, I act as a life preserver; the one thing to keep him afloat in the world of dreams, the world where his loved ones still exists. I reach to breathe while he searches for their breath.
A very short, short.

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