QOTD: Spoiler Alert?


So. It all went down last night, didn’t it, Game of Thrones fans?

The Red Wedding. Not a few major characters died, and people are totally shocked.

They’re overwhelmed with tragic surprise; they don’t know what do to with themselves.

It’s Ned Stark all over again.

Aren’t non-readers adorable?

Heh heh. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be smug, but the feeling of superiority you get when your non-reading friends are shocked by something you knew was going to happen is one of the best reasons I can think of to read a book. Well, maybe I am trying to be smug, a little.

I apologize again. I understand what you are feeling right now. When I read these same events in the books I almost fell off the toilet. If I didn’t already hate the Freys, which I did, I do now. Complete disregard for the rules of hospitality. To kill those you invite into your home is to violate one of the most ancient taboos.

Speaking of taboos, should I have said ‘spoiler alert’ before writing this?*

Can you spoil a story that already exists in another medium? What I mean is, the books are out there, readily available for reading. There is no real secret involved in the plot of the story, at least until the show catches up to the books. As it stands now, anybody with a library card could conceivably tell you whats gonna happen next season.

It reminds of the movie Titanic. You remember, twenty or so years ago when James Cameron made everyone go see a movie that was melodramatic, preachy and way too long? No, not Avatar. Before that. Everyone made jokes about spoiling that movie. “The boat sinks,” kids would yell at people standing in line for the movie. Hilarious, yes. But sometimes people actually got mad at me.

Can you spoil a story that is already out there in the consciousness? Can a work that is an adaptation still rely on surprise?

And did you see Titanic?

How dare Billy Zane stand in the way of love like that.

*For full spoilers of last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, look anywhere on the internet.


  1. J. Gabriel Allan

    The Walking Dead is an sxception to this rule as it branches so far from the graphic novels… I mean, “spoiler alert – Rick gets his hand cut off” wouldn’t really work, now would it? “Spoiler Alert – Daryl… well… Daryl doesn’t exist.”

    What’s my point. I’m looking for someone good with solar energy, a tracker, and a heavy artillery expert for when the Zombies come. I’m already working on my sword wielding.

  2. Matthew Groves

    I have to agree, for The Walking Dead comic series Michone was raped by the governor While Rick was in the cell block beside hers. Forcing Rick to hear the agonizing shreaks From Michone. Now in the TV series, Glen and Maggie are held in seperate cells. The Governor violates Maggie while Glen is dealing with Daryl. Daryl beats glen with an inch of his life left and releases a walker to finish off glen, while glen is tied to a chair.

    So yes,There are movies that are very different from the book.

  3. Kendra Virgin

    Well I haven’t read the books and got very upset last night. Mostly because the tv wasn’t working and i had to find other means to watch Game of Thrones.

    But at the same time I think when ever watching any show where they have tendency to kill main characters, we shouldn’t be so surprised. In just about every zombie or alien movie at least half the characters die. And when it comes down to the Titanic, some people didn’t even get on the ship a 100 years ago because a previous ship called the Titan had sank. So I guess they had spoilers too back then.

  4. Bryan m

    I don’t know and I lie constantly, but just to make an attempt as an intellectual, I would offer that the story occurs constantly around us and is totally unpredictable all of the time. For instance, I was fortunate enough to be invited to something recently. It was a wedding. The ceremony was lovely, there was beer and dancing, a white dress and a tuxedo; all very predictable, but still very special. What was not something that anyone could have predicted was when the maid of honor kicked off her toast by referring to herself as a ‘real ballbag.’ That ballbag delivered a heart warming toast that I really appreciated.

    Congratulations K&R, you guys look great.

    Anyway, I know I can’t predict the future, but then again I’m barely literate.

    Thanks for the post, keep posting.

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