QOTD – June 12th – Who Do You Remember?

The loss of a good friend, who was also a fantastic co-worker, and incredible teacher to his students, leaves me a bit more pensive than usual this morning. So, my question of the day will definitely reflect that:

Question of The Day:

Who was the teacher that meant the most to you, and why?


  1. kiwiskan

    A woman I had for two years in intermediate school. I’ll never forget her – she pushed me for my best – and found clothing for me that my parents couldn’t afford. With six children in the family we didn’t have much money for extras.

  2. Bryan W. Pajari

    She is so beautiful, she teaches me to calm down, she breaths air in to my lungs, I gasp for the next breath, she gave me it, ever since I was a new born. She talks to me through her cold breases; comforts me with hot and cold air. I am most content when it’s me and her, one on one, weighting for the next soules movement to interrupt the peaceful moment. I learned from her that, we have to work together to accomplish the gift of life. I know I have a purpose because she gives me a purpose, by showing me, animals live off of each other, coming together to accomplish, just. There are enemies, they do not like you, you are out to get them. They will kill you untel they are extinct. Love them to show them they have worth, they are just like you. I learned from her, that their like squirrels, they will stay put, if you let them know your not their for just a show. The subject has to know it has self worth to know that your worth something more than an enemy.

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