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The Daily Prompt – June 14th


1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)

2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)

3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the ‘Best Of’ section.

The Prompt: 

Finish this sentence:

“My high school years…”

About Christopher Margolin

Chris Margolin spent more than a decade in Education as a high school English teacher, and is now an Instructional Coach for the Longview School District. He is also the founder of The Poetry Question, an online journal which focuses on reviews of small press poetry publications, and runs a regular series called "The Power of Poetry," where notable poets share their personal stories of how poetry has affected their lives. Margolin resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, and daughter.

3 comments on “The Daily Prompt – June 14th

  1. The Running Son
    June 14, 2013

    My high school years flashed by
    in blurred definitions–grueling. High
    mostly through noon and trying
    to groom a mustache

    (a chocolate milk moon splash)
    and dash a 100 yards
    to hang with my hardwood classic
    too fast friends and fellow offenders.

    I wouldn’t suffer that blender again.


  2. Bryan W. Pajari
    June 15, 2013

    My high school years, began in a battle of all the insecurities, to find the better person, in which we thought was, to fit in, which created the click we entered into. I took the rout of finding myself in all clicks except two, the jocks and the preps. I didn’t look down at them, just looked at them as people who just looked through us all, as if we where just in there way. I found God my freshman year, as that transformed my direction. I began to focus on who I was and what my purpose was as a human. I found this fascinating. I went through trial and air, finding out what I was meant to be and what was self driven intention. The most important thing that I kept in mind is that, people will believe what they believe, and it isn’t up to me to make their decision, I am to be the light that they might see in the dark hall way. I believe judgment was to be given to God not myself. I believe I made it through high school because God guided me down a path of success and I succeeded. I pick up my cordes of acknowledgment as I say “thank you God for helping me though this place of difference.” Walk across the stage to be only stepping into the next door, “college.”

  3. Genevieve Cammer
    June 17, 2013

    My high school years are not over, so forgive me if I find it difficult to reminisce. For me, going into high school was not the shock it should have been because I had an older sister who told me everything I was going to see. While my friends were left wide-eyed at dirty dancing and school fights, I looked at all this as though it were mundane. In the past two years, I have consistantly signed up for classes that challenged my social deficiency, forcing myself to face my fears instead of hiding like I would have preferred. My goal for this year was simply to have fun and although I had a few pitfalls, I like to think I’ve acheived my goal. So far, high school years have been very interesting and pretty good.

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