The Daily Prompt: June 18th


1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)

2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)

3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the ‘Best Of’ section.

It is said that the olfactory sense is the most powerful for bringing back memories. What does this remind you of?

The Prompt: The smell of fresh cut grass.


  1. The Running Son

    Fresh cut grass reminds me
    of the suburban past i was thrown
    into. The sun setting, seeing you
    passing, we close the gap

    and continue playing, lasting
    till the dinner call: chicken,
    and the run of the neighborhood
    cul-de-sac til midnight. Maybe dawn.


  2. Bryan W. Pajari

    The smell of water

    The smell of water when it first starts to come down from the clouds is so fresh and it makes my nostrils gargle in to freshness. The comfort I get from it is close to having to pee really bad, and relieving your self from the self inflicting pain. I feel like the flowers are growing because the smell flourishes its growth. The grass seems to add the extra umph, when it is just cut, because when the grass is freshly cut and it just starts to rain, you imagine, that sex will feel like this.

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