Best of The Daily Prompt – June 26th


Art trends always undulate
large intestines regulate.
Art is best when dripping out,
gas will pass best ripping loud.
Pass the art test in a lump.

Talk to god while on the dump.
To evacuate this stall’s blank slate,
this old crappy bathroom wall,
I find solution in my morning constitution,
and writing, “for a good time, call…”


One Comment

  1. The Running Son

    I love the Poetry Question. And pray for you, because I still feel like this wonderful blog is my own private practice stage. Or, more appropriately considering my poem, my own private public bathroom, where I can drain all my potty-mouth tendencies.

    Dear Lord, curb my potty-mouth and bring followers to TPQ in multitudes, multiplying like the stars, asexually reproducing like amoeba, growing like mold on manna. Amen.

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