“Retweets and Followers”

Everyone is just a Twitter follower nowadays, “retweeting” each other’s style and actions. So many of us lay dead in the streets, lay spread in the sheets, because our older brother told us that banging was cool, be that gang or… otherwise. Too many have left their morals and beliefs behind because their friends have said “just one hit bro” or “everyone does it, pussy”. As a “straight edge” kid, fuck I hate that term, that hangs out at parties and chills with the “stoner crew” I have seen a lot of peer pressure in my days. This pressure put on to your “friends” should really be pressure that pushes them away from you, not that pushes them into poor choices.

Teachers always told me to follow the leader, but I took that as a temporary suggestion for the lunch line only. My peers seem to have taken this suggestion to heart; their listening skills must be better than mine, however, my interpreting skills must be more efficient. You see, my peers here in the youth culture have found the easiest way to be yourself is by letting MTV tell you who you are. Few of us take claim to our own ideas, follow our own dreams and live our own lives. Singularity is swallowed in the sea of society, waves of media crash into the levee walls around your character until it crumbles and you merge into the ocean of everyone else. You should be the biggest priority in your life, because if you aren’t here and prospering, how will you ever make a positive impact on your family or friends? You are the most important person in your life, period.

One of my favorite sayings is “run from the pack”, it came from one of my mediocre poems that I wrote a while ago, but that line just stuck with me. I think it is because that small phrase embodies everything I’ve written up until now, in four simple words. If you stay with the pack; you’ll go somewhere, don’t get me wrong, you’ll get a job in a cubicle or on the line in a factory, make enough money to support your family of four and pay your two mortgages. But you will be showered in regret, especially after the divorce and bankruptcy, you’ll ask questions like “how did I get here?” and “where did I go wrong?”. You went wrong when you followed the path your parents made for you: go to this college, get this degree, get a job here and retire at this age. You should have ran, far away; to whatever part of the earth that called you, whatever path in life was right for you.

Think about this next time you go to “retweet” someone.

One Comment

  1. The Running Son

    maybe it’s fit I re-tweet this.
    I’d benefit the lesson
    of sitting, legs dangling
    in the pressure crevasse,
    and kicking my past
    for cracking, missing
    my opportunity to pass
    Lacking grit; sifting sands.

    I fit in, but rebelled at
    sit-ins, corner standings,
    listening in school, a fact
    I took to the bank like a fool,
    and thank God—Sunday!
    I can go to Sunday school
    and steal money from
    the ride-share pool. Feel
    me now? I’m culturally tooled.


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