QOTD- What’s Your Theme Song?




I once said in conversation that if you can remember college you didn’t do it right. I immediately hated myself for saying it, not only because of its forced cleverness but also because its so blatantly untrue. I remember a lot of things about college. Though, upon further inspection, it could convincingly be argued that I did not do college right.

In any event, I have several fond memories of my schoolin’, one of which is an ongoing conversation I had with a friend about what our theme songs would be, as if theme songs were a thing people had in real life. In our minds, I think, it would be like the music that plays when a pro wrestler enters the arena, only more sitcom-y. Like the applause break when Kramer bursts through the unlocked apartment door. A signal that wackiness was soon to ensue.

I can’t remember where we landed exactly, since this was a conversation that lasted the better part of our freshman year, but I believe he decided that the theme from Sanford and Son would play when he entered a room, and I chose the music from the Rockford Files. Or maybe it was the other way around. It doesn’t matter, both are very solid choices.

I hate it when people who aren’t even that old talk about how different life was when they were young, but I’m about to do exactly that. This younger me loved the idea of having music with me at all times. In a time before the MP3 player, I feel like this was a common wish. The closest we came in that time was the portable CD player, and it was terrible. Too big to carry and too sensitive to put in the cargo pocket of your khaki shorts. Totally useless to the kid who wants to hear music piped into his brain at all times.

Such conversations may not happen anymore, is what I’m saying. Now that you actually can carry your music library with you in the pocket of your khaki shorts at all times and literally pipe the music into your brain, I wonder if college dorm rooms are still populated with bleary eyed kids talking about how great it would be to have background music for life. How awesome it would be to have a theme song.

What would your theme be? And you can’t use Rockford Files. That one is mine.



5 thoughts on “QOTD- What’s Your Theme Song?

  1. For the length of my childhood, I swear I always had “Entry of the Gladiators” playing inside my head. When I moved away from the Mississippi River, I was pleased to find that not everyone has to hear steamboat calliope music on the reg. So it went away.

    1. That reminds me of the feeling I get when I go into a CVS or a Walgreens, then wonder later on in the day why I have a Train song stuck in my head. I know I didn’t listen to Train on purpose…
      Sometimes the soundtrack is out of our control. A corporate radio station, not a jukebox.

  2. Awesome. Another one I always considered, Peter Tosh’s “Dangerous”
    Cause I’m a steppin razor.

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