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Expensive words on the city bus.

It’s 2 o clock and i’m sitting on the city bus. The dude next to me looks in my direction and sees my long board resting on my lap. To him I probably look like your average tool bag, the one you find at home depot. I’m wearing my avenged seven fold shirt, cut off jeans, and a pair of toms. I look goofy. Any moment now, and i think he’s going to deliver some sort of slick insult. Out of nowhere the kid catches me off guard, releases a grin and tells me “nice board, man.” We exchange words, and I learn that he wants to open up his own Coffee shop/music venue. Like myself, he’s fresh out of high school with dreams the size of Jupiter.

It amazes me because some kids today are so afraid of grasping their ambitions. Some of my friends tell me they have no idea what they want to do after high school. I don’t believe that at all. Each one of them has an obvious talent followed by invincible interests. The youth of today sit in their hot air balloon dreams, but are too afraid to untie the strings of uncertainty to get air borne. My dad always told me “don’t be afraid to be somebody.” He couldn’t have said it better.

Something that really ticks me off, is when people pull out their guns loaded with judgement and begin to shoot down other people’s dreams. Everyone has their own form of art, their own passion that separates them from each other. There’s so much vulgarity and hatred being throwing at artists, and most of it indirectly from social network sites. No matter the style: singing, dancing, juggling, or whatever the heck puts them out in spotlight. Those people worked their ass off each and every day to get to that point; respect among all things is what any form of art or passion deserves.

The bus reaches the next stop and two fellows charge up the steps at Olympic speed. They flash the bus driver their bus cards and walk towards the back of the bus and take a seat. I notice they’re talking very fast with a cascade of animosity in their voice. To my surprise, they were actually holding a sheet of paper and busting out some rhymes. It was like something out of 8 Mile. They then addressed to the whole bus that they were the next rap all stars, and who am i to think otherwise?

So, to the teenagers, the brave heart kids; your dreams are out there, you just need to look harder. Ride the city bus once in awhile, I heard the people there are quite the hand full.

2 comments on “Expensive words on the city bus.

  1. Becky Bee
    July 4, 2013

    Well said.

    July 6, 2013

    Wow. That says a lot.

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