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Late Night Thoughts – What’s Rational And Irrational When It Comes To Fears?


It’s about midnight and I’m sitting in the car with one of my friends, parked in front of a neighborhood park. In front of us we see a car labeled “Zombie Response Team.” This is when my friend tells me that she is terrified of the thought of a zombie apocalypse – so much to the point that just talking about it causes her anxiety. She truly believes that a Zombie outbreak is possible; whether it be from brain parasites or Haitian witch doctors, she thinks that it is completely possible and is deathly afraid of the event. I believe that is an irrational fear. I told that to her – so she asks the question, what is my fear? This question actually is impossible for me to narrow down to one solid answer, because I do in fact have a substantial amount of fears – I believe everyone probably does.
There are probably a couple hundred psychology papers written on the subject.

If I had to choose my irrational fear, it would have to be aliens touching down to earth. If they haven’t already that is. It is not that I am afraid of them invading the planet like the little green men from Mars Attacks it’s more so the fact that they are completely unknown to me.
I’m the type of person who absolutely loves words, especially names. I believe that there is a word for every item, object, feeling, person, place, and thing. To me, it is very frighting to think about the sight of an alien. It obviously isn’t a human being, it isn’t an animal, and it most certainly is not a plant. So there is not word that I know of that I would be able to use to accurately describe the being in front of me. That scares the hell out of me.

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18, 6'4 in height, Black as night, but very bright, taken from Chicago cause the streets ain't right. My father may have planted the seed but my mother is the gardener who nurtured the plant.

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