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Ok, I haven’t written anything in a little bit and I feel bad about it.  What is my problem?  Without getting into too many details I am going through a hard time of sadness.  I haven’t wanted to pick up my guitar, I haven’t wanted to pick up my banjo, and I especially haven’t felt like singing.  This is a weird situation for me because normally my release and my comfort is in writing.   I have felt numb, just absolutely numb.

Why do I bring this up?  Because sadness is what makes writing great, and meaningful, and f***ing honest.   It brings the best and the worst emotions out.  It makes you feel in a certain way.  The way that people feel when they are at their worst, and most desperate, and just lost.  If you read the best writers and poets you will find that sadness is almost always the theme.  I will pick myself out of this but I welcome this sadness because it helps me to dive into a certain vein.

I’m not saying that it is healthy to stay in sadness but it is inspiring and I hope it inspires me, and I hope that maybe, it is inspires you.

One comment on “Honesty

  1. kiwiskan
    July 9, 2013

    All my half-way decent poetry has been written when I’m really hitting the low spots. Having said that, I hope things improve…

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