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The Worth of Friendship

Have you ever had a distinct spot that you and your friends venture out to? Eric foreman – from That 70’s Show – and all the other hippies have Eric’s basement. If you and your buds are lucky and well-rounded, then you’ve created a place of solitude. For my mystery gang, we have the Vancouver waterfront. It’s a place of peace and offers the perfect atmosphere for the ultimate camaraderie. The city is at our back, while the rhythmical waves of the river along with Portland’s flashing.lights, are facing our eyeballs. we’ve shared tears, laughs, and many, many cigars here. Friendship, in its entirety, is worth more than the universe.

We Came As Romans (one of my favorite metalcore bands) has a famous line in one of their songs that says “we are nothing without brotherhood.” This line is dead on, and speaks volumes to me. Friends are there to save you from drowning when life.has ordered you to walk the plank. As teenagers, we’re busy figuring ourselves out, with nowhere to turn. We’re all dealing with the same problems, chasing the same sunlight. When our young minds are lost, carrying backpacks full.of confusion, while we walk on the quicksand of our mistakes, friends are there to lighten the load and build a better foundation. I’ve seen the best and worst in my friends, and I choose both.

As powerful and invincible as friendship is, it’s also as fragile as an eggshell. I really hate being human and dealing with human nature. We’re all judgmental machines, and sometimes even the greatest of friends can confuse love with hate and jealousy. Time after time, I’ve seen friendships crumble from the weakest of magnitudes. Rumors, are the cancers of friendship, and seems incurable most times. If only it were possible to get past all the bullshit and be slow to any kind of anger. It’s not impossible, it’s just difficult.

If it wasn’t for my best friend, I would have never discovered my talent in writing and poetry. Seeing my friend embark on his dreams, motivated my rise from the darkness, and search my body to the bone for my own talents. I believe that we can discover who we really are with the help of our friends.Teenagers are living the fast life while facing the common identity crisis. If we’re all confused little souls, then why not help each other find the billion dollar answer?

It’s midnight and I’m at the waterfront for the thousandth time. This time I’ve brought some new friends. We’re perched atop the concrete lookout with our feet dangling over the side. The four of us share life stories and plan lunch dates when we all attend college in the fall. In this moment, we are infinite. Friendship is infinite. I will remember these moments forever.

I strongly recommend finding your own “bro spot.” And don’t tell me it’s impossible, Eric Foreman used his basement for crying out loud.

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