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Phrase of the week: Friend Zone.

Does the “friend zone” really exist?

I think it is just a bunch of horny teenage boys, like myself, and lonely teenage girls who can’t get over the fact that some feelings aren’t mutual. Not everybody that you are interested in is going to have the same feelings towards you, that’s absurd. Us youths just can’t seem to grasp this idea; the idea of one sided longings, of a one way mirror looking into your heart, black on their side and clear as day on yours. Too many nice young ladies have been called prudes and bitches because they denied someone that they just saw as a friend, someone they thought was nice to them because they actually cared, and not that just wanted to get in their britches.

The “friend zone” is definitely more common in our generation because of our increasing promiscuity and the cultural acceptance of sex. People are much more open about themselves and often, possibly misinterpreted as being, “flirty” to their friends. The hormone-centric teenage boy brain interprets things incorrectly, often seeing a female who will talk about sexual topics with them as a girl who “totally wants it”, then is enraged and saddened by the truth which is otherwise.

There is truth behind the “friend zone”, this is undeniable. The truth is that some individuals, most often females, but common in males too, take advantage of the knowledge that one of their friends is enamored by them. They grab ahold of these people by their soft, squishy heart and drag them through the dirt just as long as they need them. The dragger will often find out through a mutual friend that the admirer is “crushing” on them and use them like the most obliviously content roll of toilet paper. What’s wrong with being honest and telling them about your disinterest? It’s guaranteed to crush them temporarily, but it will show if they truly like you as a friend or just a piece of ass.

The “friend zone” isn’t what you think it is, it’s a mishmash of hormones, one sided emotions, and people who don’t care about the feelings of others.

One comment on “Phrase of the week: Friend Zone.

  1. kiwiskan
    July 16, 2013

    I’m too old to have even heard the expression 🙂

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