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What Bugs You Wednesday

What Bugs You Wednesday?

(aka The Airing of the Grievances)


Here’s the skinny – new segment. No rules. Please interact.  Best response will receive recognition (when we’re famous and rich we’ll send you a free t-shirt).  Replies can be reading/writing related, word related, world related, personal, or just a healthy quasi-cathartic, quasi-passive-aggressive venting.

This has been bugging me for a while.  A long while.  If your political or religious beliefs can fit on a meme or ecard with a poorly written analogy, keep them to yourself.  Clearly you need to think a little more deeply.  If you think an offensive statement of your personal opinions will sway anyone else’s mind, it won’t.  If you think it will annoy people, it will.

I remember being taught it was rude to discuss income, religion, or politics in mixed company.  Your 200 (+/-) Facebook “friends” and, depending on your security settings, the friends of anyone who comments or Likes your status, plus, most likely, the NSA, make up the epitome of “mixed company”.

I never thought I’d long for the day when my TL was flooded with posts about your kids learning to crap in the toilet.

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2 comments on “What Bugs You Wednesday

  1. The Running Son
    July 17, 2013

    Hmm what bugs…

    Quasi-intellectuals, and ex-seminary ineffectual lemon-pucker metro a-sexuals. And militant fundamentalism..Islam..Christian—all hard heart-cells, barred too well. Damn all temporary memory syndromes, and the wet-brain mainlined heart-valve malfunctions that begin them. And damn the label sin: It’s nice to stay in the moment and tongue it like you own it. Damn heaven if it’s boring, and damn you if you continue, despite the look in my eyes of warning.

    Haha I quasi-catharted.


  2. abbylorenz
    July 17, 2013

    i hate when a pen has ink but wont write and then you make all those squiggles to get the ink flowing again and it seems to work but then when you go to write the next letter the ink isn’t there anymore again and the cycle continues because there’s nothing worse for closure than a tiny bit of hope.

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