Who Are You When You Lose Your Name Tag?

It’s a rainy day in Bikini Bottom, and Spongebob is seated at a restaurant booth. His head is slouched while his mind is stuck in limbo, and his brain is doing somersaults in space. This is the episode where Spongebob supposedly “lost his identity.” He claims his name tag was lost. It strikes me as odd, because he deems himself unrecognizable without a tiny piece of plastic that reveals his name. Spongebob then goes mad and starts to retrace his steps. This name tag, this cherished hunk of plastic that he idolizes is nothing more than a label. I’ve come to realize that we’re all hiding under these false statements, and paying too much attention to these shrouds that engulf us as people. We forget to give credit to our actual selves. There’s nothing more pointless than a label.

First and foremost, I’m gonna touch upon a sensitive subject. As a believer in God, I always get asked “what’s your religion?”, and I can’t stress on that enough, because each religion basically sums up your love for God – your full-out plain and simple relationship with God. Now why should I fall under the category of “christian,” if all I do is love God in the end. The word “religion” is just a misrepresentation of a deeper calling. And atheists and Satanists alike probably feel the same. No matter the “religion,” it’s simply just beliefs.

I like to think of society as a black smith. It’s busy welding and forming new labels to attach onto the bodies of us young adults. Kids with intricate, colored clothing, the free spirit, free love kids, are called hippies. And the ones that wear skin-tight jeans, cardigans, and buy overpriced coffee, are your famous hipsters. And every other look, ranging from the goths to punk kids, it’s all the same. These are just people who dig certain kinds of clothing and engage in certain kinds of activities. We’re all human beings, built to be us; not to be slaves to the clothes we wear, or what we do for recreation. Our skin and bones shine brighter than any kind of label that tries to cover them.

Ignore the misleading statements that people throw at you. They couldn’t possibly know you better than yourself. And labels are the only shackles that you’ve been given the key to. It’s up to you if you want to unlock them or not. Spongebob never did lose his identity either. Without the name tag though, he was still Spongebob. Hard to believe, huh?


  1. The Running Son

    Identity…the question every Goth has to face when he wipes off the foundation and eye-liner, for a job interview.

    The Hippies became the establishment, or lost their teeth and hitchhiked the US101 for decades.

    Even the counterculture movements rebel the way they are taught, in segments. We all join the popular rebellion of choice, and claim identity freedom?

    The truth is, our identity is a rhythm that must be sensed, and followed. All cultural categories of class, profession and taste are detrimental to the spontaneous growth and free expression of an emergent identity.

    When there is a fifth period class on how to be still, and listen… I will be happy.


  2. Honey Britches

    I went through cancer treatment over the course of about two years and throughout that time, I lost the ability to do all of the things that once defined me (i.e. riding horses, writing, swimming, reading, etc). I’ve been extremely lucky and, over time, I’ve regained what was lost, but I’m still working out exactly who I am without all of the labels–not just the ones that others applied, but the ones I applied to myself.

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