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What Bugs You Wednesday

What Bugs You Wednesday?

(aka The Airing of the Grievances)


Here’s the skinny – new segment. No rules. Please interact.  Best response will receive recognition (when we’re famous and rich we’ll send you a free t-shirt).  Replies can be reading/writing related, word related, world related, personal, or just a healthy quasi-cathartic, quasi-passive-aggressive venting.


Even though it is highly unoriginal to complain about traffic or people’s driving, I can’t get past the fact that most drivers don’t understand the zipper.

When merging two lanes of traffic into one, the most efficient way, the only way this should be done is the zipper.  One person from each lane at a time, one then the other, a, b, a,b, a, b.  Alternating.  Each person in the preferred lane allows one person to enter traffic- no more no less.

Such a simple concept.

Most annoyingly, I think that not most, but close to ALL, drivers know this and choose not to participate.  Selfish @#$^$%@$s.

What bugs you?

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3 comments on “What Bugs You Wednesday

  1. Christopher Margolin
    July 24, 2013

    I’ve always had an ongoing battle with procrastination, and lately, it’s been catching up to me a bit more than normal. I need to finish filling out a very long application in order to go back to school next year for my admin credentials, but I’m struggling to get it done. My schedule next year would look like this: Teach from 9-5 (3 junior Eng classes, and then overseeing the alt ed program), classes a few nights a week, a music residency every Tuesday and Sunday, and again every 3rd Wednesday, keeping on track with TPQ, home life, cleaning, trying to get in shape, getting homework done, remembering to scoop the cat litter, most likely getting a puppy, working with my fiancee to get the house in order, and figure out when we want to have a kid. It’s going to be a great year – I’m saying that honestly – but I just have to find the will-power to get it started.

  2. The Running Son
    July 24, 2013

    The zipper method wont work because there are too many dicks in the way.

    Chris, I sit here at this moment hoping my words are less insipid that my piss filled litter box, overflowing. In like 10 days I will be living 2 hours away in Orange County, and I have barely begun to pack. My cats hairify my clothing before I can hang the fresh laundry up. Supper is a hunk of cheddar. My ashtray is so full, it would make an AA meeting blush anonymously. I don’t shower enough—there is this oil on my skin, like a sheen, and my teeth are mossy. All day long i sit, hunched over, drinking coffee and licking my lips, and blogging. I think about an ambitious version of me, and I smile big. I lean back. Then, in a few minutes, like that guy from the movie “Momento” with short-term memory loss, I forget, and everything goes pleasantly foggy.

    You got procrastination problems?

    -• RunningSon •-
    Jim (;

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