Chuck Palahniuk Gives Us The Sequel to Fight Club… As a Graphic Novel?


Earlier this week, Chuck Palahniuk announced that his sequel to Fight Club will come out as a graphic novel. Now, I should say two things prior to really getting into this post: I feel as if Fight Club is one of Palahniuk’s weaker books (my favorite is Lullaby), and I do not get the graphic novel genre. Regardless on my thoughts about FC being one of the few movies that are better than the book, I feel like I’m getting ripped off by getting a graphic novel version of a sequel. The book itself left so many unanswered questions, and so many avenues with which to continue the plot line, and more importantly, was so insanely visual, that I think to release an actual visual version of a sequel is doing a disservice to the reader. I think it’s taking away from the reading experience. What about the visuals that I set up in my head for each of the characters, and all of the scenery – yes, I realize that much of that is now jaded by the movie I’ve watched hundreds of times.

Even if Fight Club is not one of my favorite CP novels, it doesn’t mean that I don’t thoroughly enjoy it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t own several different editions of it, and it doesn’t mean that I was thrilled by the announcement of a sequel. But to give me a graphic novel feels like an easy way out.

I should probably also admit that I don’t like comic books. I don’t enjoy superheroes – though there is no doubt that Batman movies are all awesome, no matter who is playing the role, but most of them are awesome because of the villains. I was never a kid who raced out to spend my money on comic books, because there were SE Hinton books to read instead, and I much prefer realism to coloring books with words. Frankly, just give me the words, or make it into a movie, but don’t put them together. I was never the kid who jumped to the pictures in children’s books, and the funny section in the newspaper was only used when I had silly putty (if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, then please go to a toy store, and figure it out).

Part of me is sad because I feel as if the last few Palahniuk books have been a bit weak, and really rushed. I think he jumped the shark around Damned, and I’m definitely not excited that Doomed is coming out as its sequel. Rant and Snuff were strong, and Pygmy was just odd in all the best ways. Then he released Invisible Monsters Redux, which was frustrating because I felt the original story was incredible, and it didn’t need anything more. I miss the dark, sardonic, angry, and yet poignant version of CP, and I just feel like a graphic novel doesn’t quite do that for me.

Will I still read it? Yes. And hopefully I’ll enjoy it. I’m just not very excited for it, and that’s an odd feeling when it comes to one of his books.

Anyone else with me on this?

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