INTERVIEW: NECRO – Poetry of the Damned.


Necro is the king of Death Rap, and he makes no apologies for his heavy hitting, brutal lyricism. He is all too familiar with controversy, and has been thrown in the mix of artists blamed during a trial for murder. His main influences come from the underground metal scene, and has been known to utilize those artists in his songs. The Poetry Question had the opportunity to ask Necro questions about his career, and here is that interview:


TPQ: Set the scene for us. Where do you do the majority of your writing? What does it look like?

Necro: I got my own cave you can say, it’s my man cave and I am comfortable here and can really think and come up with ideas without being disturbed, I am surrounded by books and knowledge and vinyl and art – I am suffocated by creativity

TPQ: Your writing differs from other rappers / lyricists in the way that you seem to write actual stories with plot lines, story arcs, a true climax, fall in action, and resolution. What got you into this style of writing, and why did you head this way instead of simply going the bravado rap route?

Necro: I just try to be original and extreme to where its spicy, I don’t like bland food, so my music isn’t bland, its very blunt and direct but technical enough to have hidden jewels in every verse and complex enough to rewind 100 times – its just my style which constantly evolves and develops

TPQ: You coined the genre “Death Rap” to describe your style. Other artists like Brotha Lynch and Tech N9ne tread the line of this genre. How would you say you set yourself apart from those artists? Or would you consider them to fall within your category?

Necro: I know Tech n9ne well, never heard of the other rapper, Tech to me is dope as fuck, but I don’t really see him as evil as me, he is more commercial, his beats are more radio friendly style and its mostly keyboards being played, where my beats are all dirty 60’s and 70’s samples, which is a more evil sound, but Tech does his style very well, its just not as brutal as me, that’s just how I feel, its not a put down cuz I think Tech is the master of his world, in his world he is the master of darkness, but in my word I am the King of Death Rap, we are both kings of our own kingdoms, he has a rich kingdom 🙂

TPQ: You’ve now had the unfair displeasure of having your music, much like Marilyn Mason and Metallica and a few others, used as “reasoning” for a murder. Manson wrote a brilliant article for Rolling Stone after Columbine, talking about how artists are not to blame for the acts of other people. Did the use of your song in that trial change anything about the way you went about writing? What type of effect did it have on you?

Necro: It didn’t really effect me much because I am not responsible, I didn’t do anything wrong, so I cant feel bad about that, I am not happy someone died like that, I felt bad about that, but my name being mentioned was just like whatever, its just the law being ignorant and trying to place blame.

TPQ: You have an obvious passion for underground metal acts, and have brought many of them to the forefront with both your lyrics, and your willingness to collaborate with them. Who are the best underground metal groups out there today?

Necro: I don’t listen to metal today, I know the stuff from the 80’s, that’s my favorite shit, nothing is better cuz its all been done in the 80’s – the best riffs and albums dropped then, cuz it wasn’t corporate then, now metal is run by corporations and gay dudes

TPQ: Do you get much of a chance to read? Who are your favorite authors? Books?

Necro: I read a lot, mainly self-help, and a lot of magazines about culture and health

TPQ: What would you consider to be one of your best lines from a song? Why?

Necro: I got so many, but one that defines me best is: “There ain’t many like me, not too many like me, too many wanna be like me, its not likely!” that’s a classic like that should go down in history, I got so many quotables its insane, only Kool G Rap surpasses me in quotables cuz he is the GOAT.

TPQ: What advice would you give to an up-and-coming artist who has the talent, but can’t seem to get any exposure?

Necro: You have to generate interest one way or another, brain storm and do something musically or visually or in the street, something to generate interest, if you cant come up with anything then maybe art and entertainment isn’t for you.

TPQ: What is poetry?

Necro: Poetry to me is great lyricism that rhymes and flows and says a lot of creative clever shit in just a few lines, my rhymes are pure poetry, poetry of the damned.

TPQ: If you could sit down for a drink with one artist, emcee, author, musician, historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be, what would you drink, and what would the conversation entail?

Necro: Either Cliff Burton RIP or James Hetfield from Metallica, I would say Kool G Rap but I already talk to him once a week and he is awesome to conversate with, so to pick 2 people I haven’t met, it would be those 2, and also Lars too. I would wanna talk to them about what drives them to make such insane music and how it felt to make master of puppets at such a young age, such an accomplishment musically

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