QOTD- What’s the Point?


I’m not trying to get all existential on you here.

Don’t think of this question in a freshman philosophy class, staring-at-the-sky-and-pondering-mortality kind of way. Rather, apply it to the smaller things you do every day.

What’s the point of standing in this line?

What’s the point of getting up so early?

What’s the point of showering?

It all comes down to motivation. A storyteller must always ask this question of the characters who populate the story. The answer to this question should never be “there isn’t any.” That’s crazy. Every action leads to a reaction. That’s science.

You’re reading this right now. What’s your motivation? To be entertained?

If so I apologize.

(Note: If you google “What’s the point?” you will find a plethora of insanely depressing  discussion forums. I mean, there are some real options out there for bumming yourself out. This question really lends itself to gloominess.)

(Note#2: I then did an image search for ‘happy depression’ and got some awesomely weird results that cheered me right up. Pizza popped up, for some reason, and a woman who appears to be going insane. I have included both for your edification. You’re welcome.)




  1. KenSon

    The point as it relates to life is to be great. That doesn’t necessarily mean to climb mount Everest or be the most renowned writer since Shakespeare. Instead it means to get the most you can out of each situation. Maintain a great mood, learn a lot, retain the information you got from that book, have good conversations, and lead a life that would be inspiring to anybody that comes in contact with your aura.

    Right now with “The Poetry Question” I believe that your point is to inform, enlighten, and entertain.

  2. abbylorenz

    What’s the point of protesting to protect my constitutional rights. My sister asked me this when we were discussing the whole NSA spying thing and Snowden. She said, what’s the big deal, everyone knows they do it, I just assume they are and it’s no big deal. I say, the point is to keep the idea in the public dialogue that that is not okay. It really isn’t. There are protections in our Constitution for a reason. I protested with Occupy for a short time and I was physically assaulted by my own government. That was sad. And I guess in the end it was all just a waste of time. But I have to have the courage to do that. I wish everyone did. Our world would be a better place.

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