QOTD – August 2 – Jumping the Shark

In 1977 The Fonz jumped the shark in an episode of Happy Days. They were losing viewers, and it seemed like a cool stunt to pull off, and try to gain a bit of attention toward the end of the series. Looking back on it now, it sort of reminds me of one of the musical interludes in an episode of Baywatch, except without the bouncing boobs, or German singing sensation David Hasselfhoff. It’s a pretty corny scene, and one that has definitely – while responsible for creating a phrase – been well overplayed.

Books tend to jump the shark as well. It’s that scene, just before the fall in action, right after the climax, where the author knows they have you, and then they throw in the random sex scene to make it feel more “provocative” (see every John Grisham book ever written).

So, your question of the day:

Which books do you feel jumped the shark?







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