QOTD- Love Poems?


Maybe it’s because it’s wedding season. Or maybe it’s because I just binge watched four seasons of ‘Dr Katz, Professional Therapist’ and am now questioning every decision I’ve ever made, but I’ve been thinking lately about the emotion of human love.

The whole concept never made a ton of sense to me. It’s not that it seems illogical, even though it does. I’m not Spock, or Data, or any other character from ‘Star Trek’, this generation or the next. I don’t necessarily need things to be logical for them to make sense. I do, however, need a pretty good reason to engage in something as masochistic as falling in love with another person and having them love me back.

Then I heard comedian Tom Kenny do a bit on the aforementioned animated series from the nineties and it clicked. I’m paraphrasing here, cause I couldn’t find a clip of the episode with the bit online, but the gist of it was this:

              When I was a young man, I couldn’t understand why people got married. Why would you chain yourself to some other person for the rest of  your life? Then, one day, I tripped and fell and broke both my arms. And as I recuperated, it dawned on me. This is why you get married. Because no matter how cool your roommate is, he probably won’t be okay with wiping your ass for the next six weeks. You need a life partner for that.

That’s fucking beautiful.

It should be on an anniversary card.

I know it isn’t technically a poem, but there’s a music to that sentiment. Tom Kenny, also known as the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, just became my favorite poet on the subject of love.

What’s your favorite, shall we say, ‘offbeat’ love poem?

No rules for this one, just try to keep the ocean imagery to a minimum, or I’ll call the cliche police.


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