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Tour Diary – August 6th – The Night Before…



Tomorrow morning I will depart on my first real tour as a singer / songwriter. I’ve been playing music since I was just a little kid, and performing in bands since I was 14-years-old. I’ve had some minor successes along the way, and I am really proud of the music I’ve created, and the people who have challenged me along the way.

I never got into music to play guitar, but rather to write lyrics. I’ve always written poems, or lyrics, or random scribbles that I thought could sit somewhere in front of music, but I played viola when I was a little kid, and there wasn’t a real way to translate the lyrics into song via that instrument. Everything changed when Kurt Cobain died. I was 12, and Nirvana – like many other kids my age and older – was our life. Kurt’s lyrics and angst made sense to me, even if I didn’t really understand what a lot of it meant. I understood that there was true emotion – like Zeppelin, and Robert Johnson, and the Stones, and Bowie, and so many other leaders of their musical times. So, I put down the viola, and grabbed the guitar instead.

I had a really good ear for music, so I never really practiced. I learned the chords, but didn’t pay attention to much else, and it still works against me today, as I can’t always keep up with the players around me. That being said, I learned enough to write songs for the last 17 years, and get my lyrics out in front of the music.

A couple of years ago, someone came up to me after a show, and told me that my music had helped him through the end of a tough relationship. It was the greatest compliment I’ve ever received – the thought that my words actually played a role in someone else’s world allowed me to see that I was doing something right, and my emotions could translate to others. Isn’t that the goal of every songwriter?

Tomorrow morning I will head out on a 14 show, 17 day tour, with my good friend Russell Stafford. I’m supporting him as he releases his new solo album. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of his tour, and share my music, and my words with as many people as possible.

I’ll be updating this tour diary everyday for the next few weeks. Please follow along! If you’re in one of the cities we’ll be playing, please come out, and say hello.


You can find my band here at: Frame by Frame


About Christopher Margolin

Chris Margolin spent more than a decade in Education as a high school English teacher, and is now an Instructional Coach for the Longview School District. He is also the founder of The Poetry Question, an online journal which focuses on reviews of small press poetry publications, and runs a regular series called "The Power of Poetry," where notable poets share their personal stories of how poetry has affected their lives. Margolin resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, and daughter.

3 comments on “Tour Diary – August 6th – The Night Before…

  1. kiwiskan
    August 7, 2013

    All the best for your tour…

    August 7, 2013

    I wish you the best during your tour.

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