Tour Diary – August 7th – REEF in Boise… Thanks for the Condom?


Technically, it’s now August 8th, but I’m just getting back to where we are staying tonight, and finally getting a chance to reflect on the first day / night of the tour. I’ve played shows out of Portland before. It’s not like this is the first time that I’ve been with my guitar in another city, it’s simply the first time that I’m gone for more than a night. I’ve had chances to do this in the past, but because of whatever reason – be it wanting to venture straight to college, or teaching summer school, or buying a house, or getting a divorce, or whatever, I’ve been unable to make it work until now. You’d think that after playing music for 18 years, I would have at least gone on one legitimate tour, but nope, this is the first.

I really appreciate Russ taking me out on this adventure. He’s been touring pretty extensively for the last 7 years, so it’s nice to at least have a bit of a guide – especially one that I trust.

REEF was pretty impressive. The posters on the wall were even more impressive. When you see names like Jack Johnson, Stephen Kellogg, Dick Dale, Kalai, and several other greats hanging from the wall, you know you’re in good company.

We played out on the patio / tiki bar area, which was perfect because the breeze was fantastic and by the time we really got going, it had turned from 102 degrees to a nice 88, and we were able to handle that. The crowd was amazing. There were a good 100+ in the audience, and while they weren’t all there for us, they were definitely an attentive crowd, so that helped quite a bit. We both played two sets, and relaxed, and had a good time with the audience.

A girl handed me a condom as I sat down after my second set. Definitely the most straight forward anyone has ever been with me, but I turned her down. I’m not one for one night stands, or groupie love. That being said, it was one hell of a confidence boost, and it’s only the first night.

I know this post doesn’t have a ton to do with words, but what I will say is that a few people in the audience commented on certain lyrics of mine, and were able to repeat them back to me after only hearing them once. It was obvious that they were paying attention, and that my lyrics had an impact. That’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Tonight we are sleeping a fan’s house. Tomorrow morning, she is making us bacon, and German pancakes, before we pack our bags, load the car, and head off to Pocatello.

Day one was a success.

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