Tour Diary – August 10 P. II – Wearing My Guitar-Pick Heart on My Sleeve.


Well Denver, you were a bit of a disappointment. Russ is playing his set, but besides the wait staff, and a few drunken stumblers, there’s no one here, and not one person even knows music is playing. I realize this is part of the job, but it’s one of those parts that makes us question why we do what we do.

There was, however, a nice highlight of the trip. I was able to finally get a small tattoo that I’ve wanted for a while – a guitar pick heart that I can where on my sleeve. This was actually one of my first “wants” for a tattoo when I was 18, but I stayed away from it for a long time, because I didn’t want to get something so close to the hand. These days, I’m much less worried about that, obviously. I put everything I have into my lyrics, and from what I’ve been told over the 20 years, I wear everything that I feel in my facial expressions, and the subtle cracks in my voice along the way. Music has been at the forefront of my life since my dad plopped me in front of a speaker to listen to a Beach Boys’ concert just after I slid down the birth canal, and I wear everything I’ve got on my sleeve.

Big thanks to Artis Garcia over at Certified Customs for taking a few minutes between appointments, tattooing the pick I start every show with, and enjoying a good conversation. If you’re ever in Denver, I would highly recommend heading there for some work. I had gone into some of the more “well-known” shops, and was treated like a little kid who has no idea about tattoos, but both Russ and I had a great time at CC with the staff. I hear they do fantastic penis piercings – Russ may or may not know about this. His voice is a tad higher tonight.

Well Denver, it’s been…


**** Best quote of the night from Russ to the frustrating crowd: “Come get a CD, there’s a $20 wrapped in each one. We don’t care about money. Fuck it, it’s marketing. Whatever.”

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