Tour Diary – August 11th – 5 States, 1 Window, and 10 Million Dead Bugs.




It took more than 15 hours to drive from Denver, Colorado to Fargo, North Dakota. We went through 5 states: Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota (the people we are staying with live just over the Red River on the Minnesota side).

I want to make it clear that I did in fact say 15 hours. Did I mention 15 hours? 15 horas. 15 Stunden. 15時間, 15 uur.

This is the second longest amount of time that I’ve been in a car – the first being a 19 hour trip back from Vegas.

This is only the 3rd longest drive on the tour.

In the middle of the drive, while Russ and I were trying to flick a fly from within the car, my passenger side window decided to defy gravity, and fall into the door itself. This is not a first. The last time this happened, the repair shop glued it back into the window jam – this was, according to them, what they were supposed to do since Toyota refuses to acknowledge the minor defect in the bracketing system.

Tomorrow morning I will call Safelight, and drive over there to get the window fixed. It’s covered by insurance, so my deductible is small. There goes any money made at tomorrow night’s show.

This was a rough drive. My paragraphing is intentional.

Other than that, my day was great. I saw fields of Dandelions, and 10 million bugs were crushed against my windshield.

10 million bugs.

I counted. IMG_2399

One Comment

  1. Debra R

    Yes rode trips can be harsh. At least one good note the window might have broken but it did not rain then I’m sure your post would have been way different.

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