QOTD – August 12 – Could You, Would You, On a Train?


Get your mind out of the gutter. I know what you’re thinking. Single lines, out of context, make things seem a bit more dirty than they should be… or do they?

I cannot speak for generations prior to my own, but as I get older I seem to realize just how sexualized my childhood really was. Everything was about “doing it” with someone, somehow, and somewhere. We see penises in Disney movie backgrounds, oogle Jessica Rabbit, and laugh at Dr. Seuss lines. There is no way to get away from the fact that if we take a good look at our childhood, the movies, books, and television shows we loved the most, had quite a bit of sexual innuendo.

Our parents did a good job of sheltering us from the dirty little secrets of our favorite stories, but was that on purpose? Did they know what they were reading or watching? Did they know Ariel would give the minister a woody? Or that Simba would check out a cloud that spells out “sex”? Even Rajah tells teens to take off their clothes. And how can we pass up Dr. Seuss asking everyone if they would do it on a train, or in a car?

Everything is sexualized – especially if we want it to be.

So, let’s talk about sex.

Your Question of the Day:

What childhood stories, movies, or television shows dealt with heavy sexual innuendo, and how do you feel it affected you as a person?

For some examples, check out THIS website.

One thought on “QOTD – August 12 – Could You, Would You, On a Train?

  1. • Porky’s.
    • Or the dorky Cold War teasing in Mork & Mindy.
    • Or the guy who dropped the fork and shoved his dork in that pie American style.
    • Or whining Saxophone sexing an 80’s jazz atmosphere, crimped hair, Nagal-ized, Blonde bitch spread across the corvette, legs from a new view: a wide open V on MTV! Maybe Sammy Hagar poked them in threes.
    • Or Kate Jackson in Charlie’s Angels. Damn. I mean Damn. She was just… Mmmm. I had a poster

    Anyway Yeah.
    Pray for the health and happiness of Kate Jackson.
    -• RunningSon •-

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