QOTD – What Can’t You Say?

If you ever want to pick a fight with Marty McFly, just call him chicken. Seriously, dude can’t handle it. You call him chicken or yellow and he’ll do his absolute best to prove he is extremely stupid. I refuse to make a joke about Parkinson’s here, but the inability to hear one specific word and not flip his feces did not work out well for him.

Eagles WR Riley Cooper and Obesity Merchant Paula Deen both learned that it is not okay to stay the N-Word… and the world is wondering how it took them this long to figure that one out.

George Carlin once taught us that you can’t say the S, P, F, C, CS, MF, and T-words.
Tough, I warrant you’d be hard-pressed to find a handful of people offended by most of the words in George’s list… And, contrary to his original thesis, quite a few of them show up on television.

Lily Aldrin cringes every time someone utters “moist”.

Personally, I will think less of you if you refer to thinks you don’t like as retarded or gay. Sorry I’m not sorry.

There are words that push everyone’s buttons; there are words whose very sound can make skin crawl or tempers flare.

One (hu)man’s mellifluous is another man’s caustic malevolence.


What word(s) do you hate? If you could erase a word or two from the language, which would they be?

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