QOTD – August 20 – Where Do Bugs Go When They Die?


I think my car has become a true death machine. In the near three weeks we’ve been on this tour, I believe the count for dead bugs has just reached over 10,459,762. The splatter and remnants and unwashable torn body parts tell a story of just over 5,500 miles, but it leaves me with a few questions as well.

Where do bugs go when they die? I’m an atheist, so I will assume that they simply hit the car, and life ceases to exist. But do bugs believe in a higher power? Are there varying religious beliefs amongst the different bug cultures? Do they pop into bug synagogue on the high holy days? Will Mary Moth or Bernie Bee be missed, celebrated, or held as a martyr?

We could all recount the famous “Flea,” but at least he saw some action

So, where do bugs go when they die?

One thought on “QOTD – August 20 – Where Do Bugs Go When They Die?

  1. A very interesting question…

    I honestly assume that their matter just disburses back into space, as does anything else. However to know if bugs are able of such a complexity in their thoughts is another thing. We still know very little about the bugs on our planet, and although their actions may seem commonly simple, there has to be something more complex. Whether it is thought about the plausibility of a deity/heaven, or their plan to get the next meal. We do observe some sort of hierarchy in some species, could this be a connection to the possibility of further thought? Now you have me thinking about this… Are bugs capable of such complex thoughts? According to our current standards of intelligence, it’s highly unlikely, but in a very disturbing way, possible. If anyone legitimately has the chance to ask multiple legitimate scientists about their research regarding bugs and their thought, they should take that opportunity. This question really has me pondering the many possibilities. Although, I do know one thing for sure and that is they truly aren’t competent enough to stray way from the windshield. They also have quite the splatter.

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