QOTD – Truth & Consequences (Not New Mexico)


As if it wasn’t egregious enough to spell “stuff” incorrectly, but the people at Oreo have been lying to us for years.  It turns out Double Stuf Oreos do not contain double the stuff (or stuf, for that matter) of a regular Oreo.  On average, the Double Stuf has 1.86 times the filling of a standard Oreo.

This does not actually affect me on a personal level, but I do feel bad for the children who have been lied to.  I do have to question why Nabsico can’t just tell the truth.  I understand 1.87 Stuf is not very catchy, but I don’t care.

Maybe Forrest Gump’s mama would tell me that this is just a little white lie and doesn’t hurt anybody.

Maybe you will tell me I am being too literal.

Maybe this is a goofy example of a rampant argument between logic, gullibility, and the truth.


Whichever way, this leads me to my very simple, very straight forward, either/or Question of the Day…

QOTD- Should we, as a general population of people, be smart enough to discern when they are being lied to or should we just tell the truth?

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