QOTD – What’s Your Grail?

This summer I took a group of students to London to experience culture and theatre (of course you already knew that if you read Stop Capturing the Moment and LIVE in It).  Our first full day there we were able to purchase some discounted tickets to Monty Python’s Spamalot! (that exclamation goes with the title of the play, not as an exuberant ending to a mundane sentence).  If you are unfamiliar with the show- it is the musical version of their Holy Grail film and it is excellent.

Other than being completely tongue-in-cheek, slap-sticky, self-aware, and campy it is brilliant.  Not just in the brilliantly funny way, either.  And not in the British, slangy, bloody brilliant way either.

The story is the tale of King Arthur finding his knights of the round table and being sent on a quest to find the Holy Grail.  It is told through song, dance, and irreverence.  It features songs such as A Song Like This, which perfectly imitates, explains, and mocks every romantic song in every musical ever.

However, the part that was, somehow, stuck in my head this morning was the chorus of Find Your Grail.  Considering the chorus is those three word repeated over and over… and over… it’s not surprising that it stuck in my head.   However, it is not the chorus that is relevant to today’s question it is this verse:

Life is really up to you
You must choose what to pursue ohh yeeeah
Set your mind on what to find
And there’s nothin’ you can’t doooo

Keep your eyes on the goal
Then the prize you won’t fail
That’s your grail
That’s your grail

That’s YOUR grail.  Find it.

Dan Brown tells us the grail is a woman.  There are many who would agree with him.

For some, their grail is a trophy or an accolade.

Another person’s grail might be enlightenment or truth.

As for me, my grail is a nice pair of socks.  This, of course, is a nod to my excellent fashion sense as well as Dumbledore’s assertion that a truly content man can look into the mirror of Erised (desire) and see nothing but himself as he truly is… and so he wants a nice pair of socks.  I seek contentment– peace.  I seek to seek no longer.

Is your grail an object, a value, or a goal?  Is it tangible or unattainable?  Is it a superlative or concept

QOTD – What’s your grail?


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