QOTD – September 3rd – What’s Your Morning Ritual?


Today was the first day in almost three months where I turned off the morning alarm at a quarter to five, put on my gym clothes, headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and gaze – less than half-awake – into the mirror, before reminding myself that it was my choice to head back to the gym this morning before my final day of meetings at school.

I’m out of shape – physically and scholastically  speaking – and I’m in need of a few changes, so it was time to reset my morning rituals. I will be waking up early, heading to the gym, and then off to work a good hour before students arrive. While I’m still teaching junior English, I’m also the Director of Ignite, an alternative program at our school, and I’d like to do a bit of research on methods, and graduation rates, and the working world that those students will be headed toward.

My mornings haven’t changed all that much. The alarm has sounds at 4:45, and I hit play on my living room stereo the same way it’s done for the last decade. Nothing has changed – in essence. I make my toast, maybe an egg, eat an apple, feed the cats, shit, shower, shave, get dressed, and head out the door toward work. I think it’s a fairly average morning. Beyond the stereo and my cats, I enjoy the solitude of morning – including my classroom – before the stirring of students begins. In all honesty, even as a teenager, my routine wasn’t much different; my alarm sounded a bit later – though it is still the same alarm clock – and I was the student rather than the teacher, but everything else has remained.

I am a creature of habit, and I enjoy my morning rituals and routines.

What is your morning ritual?

One Comment

  1. J. Gabriel Allan

    4 am alarm
    4:20 alarm redux – get out of bed
    brush teeth, clothes, get in the car
    drive slowly; realize you’re going to be late
    get to the gym in time for the WOD (preferably warmup first; realistically talk and pretend to stretch)
    Finish the WOD without dying and go home
    shower, eat – or reverse the order – or eat in the shower
    find some work clothes and make sure to leave the house by seven
    (That means stop falling asleep in the shower)

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