QOTD – Are You Avid or Moody?

There are times when I am on a strict book-a-day diet.

When I first found the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King I read the seven books in somewhere around 7-10 total days.

Then there are times of famine.

I have had my bookmark in page 100ish of A Storm of Swords for at least a week now.  Hopefully I get a chance to finish soon or it will sit unattended for months and months and months.

I am an undaignosed, self-diagnosed, and completely misdiagnosed bi-polar reader.  I am feast or famine.  I will sometimes go months without reading a book.

*I may be exaggerating the “feast” word as I will read something everyday, even if it is simply headlines, news, tweets, opinions, or… work.

It’s not so much a matter of “finding the right book” as so many people claim.  It is a matter of time and energy. And… ganas?

I have an entire shelf dedicated to the books I still need to read, want to read, and will read.  Just not today.

Though, i may finish that shelf in a week this winter.  Who knows?

What about you? Do you digest a healthy diet or are you binge and purge like myself?

QOTD – What are your reading habits?  Are you an avid reader or do you experience book swings like me?

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