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Mood Setter – Nirvana’s In Utero Album Turns 20.

I was twelve when Kurt Cobain died. Amy, my next door neighbor at the time, called my parents house, and told me to come over. She was 19, but knew how much Nirvana meant to me, so we sat on the couch watching the Kurt Loder MTV News Report, while tears streamed from our eyes.

At twelve, I wasn’t so sure how I should feel about something like this. I hadn’t been through any deaths at that point, and while Cobain wasn’t someone I knew personally, I felt as if I did. The day after he died was the day I bought my first guitar. He absolutely changed my life with his writing – such simple lyricism, and guitar work, yet everything was so calculated and stark.

On Saturday, In Utero turned twenty. I can’t believe it’s been that long. My students don’t know who Kurt Cobain is. Some of them wear Nirvana shirts, but they’ve never put two and two together. They look at my poster of Cobain, and just get confused. Foo Fighters just celebrated 18 years… wow. 18 years.

Today’s mood setter might muster up a few different feelings, but I hope you smile when you think of Nirvana. They were one of the greats.

About Christopher Margolin

Chris Margolin spent more than a decade in Education as a high school English teacher, and is now an Instructional Coach for the Longview School District. He is also the founder of The Poetry Question, an online journal which focuses on reviews of small press poetry publications, and runs a regular series called "The Power of Poetry," where notable poets share their personal stories of how poetry has affected their lives. Margolin resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, and daughter.

3 comments on “Mood Setter – Nirvana’s In Utero Album Turns 20.

  1. Elina Nikiforets
    September 23, 2013

    Music is a story being told
    a rhythm being made.
    A beat in my ears as I’m
    led away.
    Music is my inspiration for
    who I am today.

  2. Hunter Hanson
    September 23, 2013

    I’ve Alwaysed Loved Music, But Not A Lot Of Music With Lyrics…

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