The Daily Prompt – September 23rd – What Does Music Mean?


1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)

2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)

3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the ‘Best Of’ section.


The Prompt: 

Write an 8 line poem about what music means for your life.

40 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – September 23rd – What Does Music Mean?

  1. Music is life, life is music
    Music helps when your happy or sad
    Music gets you pumped for games
    Music makes you feel safe when you are not
    Music is the heartbeat in your chest
    Music is our personal trainers
    Music will always be there for you
    Music is our live

  2. Music is great
    It makes me want to rave
    Life is a party
    Music makes the party rock
    Party’s that rock art cool
    Music is nice
    Nice music is bad
    Hardcore robot sounds are cool

  3. Stories for the ears
    and melodies for the sad.
    Beats that repeat
    that could make two hearts meet.
    A thousand pins
    running across your skin.
    A melody which holds your memories.

  4. Music is a story being told
    a rhythm being made.
    A beat in my ears as I’m
    led away.
    Music is what keeps me going
    when I have nothing else to say.
    Music is my inspiration for
    who I am today.

  5. music means the way of life
    simplified into keys and notes
    music is rhythm beneath your feet
    music is something that cant be beat
    music in my life is the reason why I can say things and cannot lie
    music makes me cry
    like life just flashed me by
    music is my inspiration
    per 3

  6. music isn’t just sound
    music is life
    music can prevent death or sooth the pain
    music is happiness
    silence can be bliss
    but sounds organized into a song are more
    it is our human nature to want, to feel
    it is not an object but we’ve all felt it
    felt..the music
    period 3

  7. Music is my gettaway.
    The only thing in life that is consistant.
    Music can bring out all the emotions in just one person.
    Music can take away the pain you feel.
    It can bring you joy when you least expect it.
    Music can heal a broken heart, or give you peace.
    You can feel the music everywhere.
    All these emotions in a song, letting it out, telling you you’re okay.

  8. Music is an escape,
    Where life makes sense,
    Where there is no pain,
    Your own personal therapist,
    Your own story teller,
    Masks the pain with sound,
    Music is life,
    Music is paradise.
    Period: 3

  9. Music is for relaxation.
    Unites your mind with energy.
    Sounds massage your thinking.
    Ignites you to dance with the flow.
    Calms down our Mood.

    Music Makes me happy.
    Music makes life easier for people.
    Music is us

  10. Music calms
    Music saddens
    Music lifts
    Music upsets
    Music heightens
    Music rocks
    Music keeps me who I am
    Music? Never leave me.

  11. Music is art
    Where measures are canvas
    And notes are paint

    A strange feeling upon hearing
    With lust for more
    Limitless possibilities

    Why do we listen
    To this anomaly of sound

  12. music is the song of life
    without it we would be rife with dread
    without music you might as well be dead
    music gives us courage be bold
    music stays with us till we’re old
    the songs we make people joyful
    the songs we hear let us be cheerful
    music is the song of life that we all sing to

  13. ” to some people music doesn’t mean anything , but to me it means everything. music is my escape from the troubles i go through at school, at home & in life in general . when i’m sad, music makes me happy & comfortable. music always makea me feel better . what is life without music? i’ll never know. “

  14. Music excites you.
    It’s your life to the beat of sound.
    It’s always there, to bring you back to reality and out of it.
    It’s all around you.

    It can make you cry or make you laugh.
    The past mistakes are made into beauty
    Where summer starts with freedom
    And fall comes with closure

  15. Music provokes
    Music feels
    Music inspires
    Music is the food of life
    What does Music mean to my life?
    Music means fun, pondering.
    Music is addicting.
    Music is the best

  16. Music is fun Music makes people want to dance Music helps people through the day Music is relaxing Music is art Music changes peoples moods Music is a part of life Music heals

  17. Music is the sound of emotion
    When you cause trouble
    Or get a demotion
    But music,
    Music will always
    Put you in motion
    Music can lift you up
    Or drown your sorrows
    But always remember
    There is a tomorow

    3rd Period

  18. music and basketball is life
    when the bass kicks in and when he spits his flawless lyrics make your head turn
    some lyrics are about reall life
    some lyrics help us express are reall fellings
    some lyrics are funny
    some lyrics are angry
    some lyrics make you think about memorys in the past
    No matter what you listin to music is part of life

  19. Music are sounds combined
    Music releases stress
    Music can be a mood changer
    Music will live forever
    Without music,the world will be sad
    Music is everywhere
    Music is happiness for u
    Music is amazing

  20. Music is in almost everything
    You can hardly ever be without it
    There is music for every emotion
    Music can also give you emotions
    Some can make you happy
    Some can make you sad
    But overall music is great
    Everyone can enjoy music

  21. Music is a rhythm that tells a story.
    It is the sounds of joy and love,
    Music brings happiness and takes away the sorrow.
    it brings light into the darkness and wipes away the tears.
    Music is the key that helps me through the years.
    Music is my friend when nobody is near.
    Music is my audience when no one is near to hear.
    Music is the only one that will never disappear.

    PERIOD # 3

  22. Music.
    It can be made out of any sound.
    Even the rain falling on the ground.
    This is what music means to me.

    Its always there for you
    In the good and bad
    It can lift your spirits when your sad
    This is what music means to me

    Music is my life.
    It is one thing that can really move
    But is different for me and you
    For me, music is my life.

  23. Music is life.
    Music is all around us.
    Music is us.
    It is within us.
    It is the beating of our hearts.
    It is the cars,buses,and bikes that we hear.
    Music effects us.
    It changes us and shapes us.

  24. Music is a story being told
    Music is the energy within me
    Music makes me think
    Music makes me stronger
    Music gives me passion
    Every beat, every tone, every melody
    Music is the rhythm of the soul
    Music made me who i am today

  25. Music, music to me are the sounds of your fantasy world.
    It paints unrealistic pictures in your mind of what you want to become.
    Musice gives you a break from reality for those few precious moments.
    The beautifully worded songs set your emotions for the day,
    Feeling the same as the song artist does while their well made handcrafted lyrics design the images in your head.
    It’s the escape that everyone craves but can’t physically touch or see to feel free. -T’Mera Waters period 3

  26. Music is used to soothe the soul,
    Played in your time of need,
    When you need a friend,
    When you don’t know your own feelings.
    Music helps with expression,
    Some write it, others listen.
    Music helps when you’re sad and mad
    Music brings people together

  27. Music is what we go to when we need to block the world out and just focus and think. It relaxes us and makes us think if life. Music has so many emotions and meaning. Each song is a little story and each person has a little story inside them waiting to be let out and heard. Songs are a good way to let out your feelings and write what you’re thinking about.

    Period 4

  28. Music is great

    Music is calming
    Music is sad

    Music is loud
    Music is happy

    Music is wonderful
    Music a gift
    Music is emotions played in tunes

  29. What does music mean to me?
    Music is a paintbrush and it’s canvas.
    Our world.
    Always filling blanks with
    But in the end its final product , or remedy you could say ,is an escape from this
    Bitter sweet reality.
    This is was music means to me.

  30. Music means different emotions.
    It means being able to listen to other peoples emotions and letting everything out.
    It also means a way to let out my own emotions through whatever happens in life.
    Music means a lot to me.

  31. Music is relaxing
    Music helps concentrate
    Music is different sounds put together
    Music separates us from others
    Music is different
    And Music is awesome

  32. music is a relaxer, it relaxes the state of mind. music helps people get through tough times and relate to what there going is a motivate, music inspires. with out music the world would be different.

  33. Ignorance, pain, happiness.
    Vibrations in a patterned beat
    They read my mind,
    As if they are there with you
    I can feel your pain
    I can sense the ignorance
    I can feel your happiness
    I hate you, then I love you.

  34. I love music.
    It is my life.
    I go to bed listening to it every night.
    I love all types of music.
    From country,
    All the way to rock!
    Music is kind of a thing that has always and will always be there as a pick-me-up.

  35. Music is love.
    Music is joy.
    Music is something no one can destroy.
    Music is feeling.
    Music is a passion.
    Music is free.
    Music is me.

  36. Music in many ways is a story.
    Not only with lyrics but with the sounds of the song.
    I listen to classical in which there are hardly ever words at all, but still it speaks.
    On a day that I am happy, bored, sad, angry, or confused.
    Music is my love, my life, its the story of the past, present, and future.
    Whatever it is that is in its features all music has a story, a truth to be told.
    All you have to do is listen and behold.

  37. Music is an expression of emotion or opinion perhaps. A song can be very similar to a poem, perhaps a poem could be turned into a song. What some people listen to often reflects onto what they are feeling, or maybe even the opposite. Music is used by some people to convey a message they are trying to say but cant say in their own words; symbolism.

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