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QOTD – Do You Represent?

First of all, I am always the protagonist.  But more on that later.

Second, if Doran can constantly tell stories about injuring himself I can tell another “today at crossfit” story.  I will, however, keep it brief because, a- the story is not the point, and, b- a couple dudes power cleaning is not nearly as entertaining of a story as self-proclaimed chubby wrecking his bike and nearly puncturing a lung.

Today’s WOD was called “Holleyman”, though it was written incorrectly on the whiteboard as Hollyman which prompted a discussion of whether or not it was spelled incorrectly.  It was.  However, the suspected spelling would have made it “Holy Man” — which lead into a debate whether he was a Holy man or a holly man.  Finally, at this point sanity peered its head and someone pointed out it was his name, Holleyman (pronounced min, not man).

This of course, lead to a discussion of superheroes versus names, and why it is Spider-Man and Goldman.

This, of course, lead to the comment that there are not enough Jewish superheroes.

This is true.

It is also true that there are not enough Jewish protagonists either… unless they are specifically and explicitly Jewish.

It is also true that characters, most often, aren’t black unless it serves the plot or he/she serves a stereotype.

Or is it true?

As I said earlier, I am always the protagonist.  I always read myself as the protagonist.  I imagine myself.  I put myself into the character.

Is this because I am egocentric or is this because I am a white male, a majority of majorities, and characters are written in my demographic?

Are you under-represented?

QOTD – In literature, which characters, groups, and people are underrepresented?


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One comment on “QOTD – Do You Represent?

  1. The Running Son
    September 25, 2013

    While my most passionate efforts are reserved for seeing Jamaican Kiwi road vendors take their rightful position of respect in the world community, I agree we need to find an angle and create more Jew superheros. I think Jesus could make a good character foundation. Yes! A superhero that fights empires and tyranny to the death, then rises to do it again. Like… not that he is bullet proof, but that he always rises with new superpowers or something.

    pfff I hate it.


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