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Everybody is narcoleptic

As an 18 year old in the midst of his “Assimilating into Adult Life Crisis”, I’ve been on a recent roller-coaster of emotions and feelings about my current situation. This brought me to an epiphany:

I believe that everyone is born to be happy, born to love life and enjoy their time spent alive; this is not a strange idea, plenty of hippies and shitty poets have said those words. That wasn’t my epiphany, my epiphany had to do with how to explain the unhappiness of our happily-destined lives. My idea is as such; everyone is born happy, but this happiness, this complacency has a disorder: narcolepsy.

Happiness is narcoleptic, it functions normally most of the time, but it has unexpected and often unfortunate and dangerous “attacks”, it falls asleep on you, leaving you scared and alone. Some people’s happiness have particularly nasty cases, attacks can last years, decades even. When you’re young like me, happiness’ narcolepsy tends to attack quickly, unexpectedly and often, but they don’t last long. As you get older, you can spot the signs and prepare for an attack, you can sit down, find a friend, call your mom. But even as you’re older you can’t control narcolepsy, even if you see it coming, even with the best preparation, even with the best drugs. This disorder has driven many mad, they get stuck in an attack and never let themselves out. Attacks don’t last a lifetime, you just have to figure out what can wake your happiness up so they don’t last so long,  be it smelling salts, cold water or just a good read.

There are really two ways of living with this disorder, one is to try and control it, subdue it like a snake you know is going to slither out and bite you if your relieve any pressure, or to let it run free and “go with the flow”. Both are acceptable choices, but not everyone can choose either.  To me it seems that most of those individuals who “go with the flow” never had the amount of attacks as the person who needs to subdue it, though they continue to insist that it is for everyone. Choose what is right for you, and the lifestyle you live, and how many triggers it brings along.

Narcolepsy is permanent, but happiness is forever.

One comment on “Everybody is narcoleptic

  1. kiwiskan
    September 26, 2013

    Good comment. Ecclesiastes beat the hippies though…’and also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his work, it is the gift of God’ We were never intended to be sour-faced and miserable.

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