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QOTD – September 27th – Humming Circus Music Isn’t Weird, Right?


Do Do Dodododo Do Do Do Do……

You know that terrible song that pops into your head when you wake up in the morning, or that time where you start singing or humming or mumbling the lyrics to something incredibly random, and you realize you’re not alone? That happens to me on a very regular basis. Sometimes it even happens in the middle of shows that I play. I’ll be in between songs, and that damn circus music starts playing in my head, and then I’ll realize it’s not in my head, and the crowd is looking at me like I’m some sort of aberration.

I always think it’s interesting how our brains can remember lyrics or melodies to songs we haven’t heard in years and years. The radio skips to some random song from our childhood, and all the sudden we’re belting out Spice Girls at the top of our lungs. Zig-Zig-Ah. Or we’re reminding ourselves that we’ve “gotta have faith” or that we’re a “champagne supernoverrrrrr in the sky.”

Well, today is gonna be the day that we’re gonna throw it back to you.

What are those embarrassing songs that you start singing?

About Christopher Margolin

Chris Margolin spent more than a decade in Education as a high school English teacher, and is now an Instructional Coach for the Longview School District. He is also the founder of The Poetry Question, an online journal which focuses on reviews of small press poetry publications, and runs a regular series called "The Power of Poetry," where notable poets share their personal stories of how poetry has affected their lives. Margolin resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, and daughter.

3 comments on “QOTD – September 27th – Humming Circus Music Isn’t Weird, Right?

  1. The Running Son
    September 27, 2013

    When my cigarette smoke settles into the walls, and my dog and 2 cats are pleasantly off to dreamland, I may be found prancing around the house singing this:

  2. Kentrel Plummer
    September 29, 2013

    Hmmm…. Honestly for me it would most likely be a Biggie Smalls song called Everday Struggle or Somebody.

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